Kibaki's Running Mate

Vice President Moody Awori announcement that he is in the race to be Kibaki's running mate in the 2007 elections. It was widely assumed that this position will be for the NARC-K younger turks who wished the VP would go to a quiet retirement. His entry into the highest available post in NARC-K has caused lots of confusion. Critics say that if he is retained as Kibaki's running mate, it would cost Kibaki the youth vote since NARC-K would be perceived as consisting of old, inflexible and keen to survive political elders.

The other top contenders for the position of Kibaki's running mate are:

  1. Dr. Mukhisa Kituyi - the current rotational NARC-K chairman and Minister of Trade and Industry
  2. Kipruto Arap Kirwa - the Minister for Agriculture and voted the best performing minister in 2006
  3. Prof. Kivutha Kibwana - The Minister for Environment and acting Lands Minister
  4. Prof. George Saitoti - The minister for Education who was recently cleared (politically cleaned) of the Goldenberg murk and whispered most prefered Kibaki successor by NARC-K minders.
  5. Musikari Kombo - Minister for Local Government and Ford-Kenya chairman. However, his indecisive and critical approach to NARC-K may make him unsuitable
  6. Charity Ngilu - Minister for health whose political star is on a decline after Kalonzo became the Kamba chieftain. It is suspected that Kibaki could use her to woo the Kamba vote especially if he decides to run on a NARC ticket closely held tight to Ngilu's chest.
The running mate position may also be guided by considering who ODM  choses as their presidential flag bearer. But knowing Kibaki's mode of operation he may just be comfortable working with the old guard, something that will not appeal the youth vote.

There has been talks that Kalonzo could decamp from ODM-K if he loses the ODM nominations. After the Naivasha meeting, Kalonzo complained bitterly that there are some in ODM-K who are out to display him in bad light. In the KISS 100 FM cross-fire show, Kalonzo stated that there is political cannibalism in ODM-K. Asker whether he would still consider talking to President Kibaki as he had stated in a 2006 programme, he said that it is too late for him to talk to Kibaki but he is always open to dialogue for the sake of the country implying he could still decamp to Kibaki's side when his star in ODM-K fades. In such an occurrence it is widely expected that he would be Kibaki's running mate and eventual successor in 2012 if they win in 2007.

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