No reforms no elections campaigns kick off

The muungano wa katiba mpya movement (mainly ODM-K) kicked off its mass mobilization campaign for minimum reforms (now termed essential reforms to counter Narc-K insistence on Maximum reforms preference). The campaign started off in the form of a political rally in Machakos unlike the expected Nairobi street demos.

The essential reforms are meant to guarantee a free and fair 2007 elections. Key issues in the package being demanded include:

  1. Independence of the electoral commission of Kenya and entrenchment of the 1997 IPPG agreement (Inter Parties Parliamentary Group). The government to revoke recent sole appointments to ECK and consult ODM-K in a bid to include their representatives in the crucial election handling institution.
  2. Independence of parliament. Ensure that parliament calendar is predetermined and is not controlled by the executive. Usually a secret weapon for the incumbent as they can call off parliament and call elections at will.
  3. Entrenchment of the Bomas agreement that future president must garner more than 50% of all votes cast in any general elections
  4. Guarantee that at least a third of MPs are women.
  5. Ensure equal distribution of the national cake. This can only be achieved through devolution (Majimboism)
  6. Entrench the constitutional review and referendum law into the constitution
  7. Bar a sitting president from poaching from the opposition to ensure the country has a strong opposition.
  8. Ensure that all presidential appointments are vetted by parliament.

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