No reforms, no elections

Non Narc-K mps and the civil society wants to go to the streets to push the government to concede minimum constitutional reforms and a reconstitution of the solely government appoint Electoral Commission of Kenya.

We are back to the days of mass action as the government of the day has refused to listen to any other voice outside there. The new alignment will convince Kenyans to demonstrate and refuse to have elections until the minimum reform package is passed. The demos will also push Kibaki to reconvene parliament early than planned in order to pass legislation to deal with this situation. The 2006 Kibaki redeemer, Martha Karua has accused such politicians of hypocrisy since they left a constitutional reform meeting after losing the minimum reform vote.

Are Kenyans really ready for mass action? Do they feel it is worth to go to the streets like in previous years to force a regime to accept minimum reforms? Will they leave their offices to make a point to the government or will that be left to the jobless and those hired youth? Will they create euphoria enough to make the government give ground? Will they recreate the days of no reforms no elections, saba-saba and nane-nane or will it backfire like it did on Matiba in 1997 when he led his followers to burn their voters cards.

The times are getting politically charged as the election date draws near. Who will be the ultimate winner? Kenyans?

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