2007 Political Hotspots: Eldoret North Constituency

ODM presidential candidate William Ruto will be having quite a time defending his Eldoret North seat, especially from the man he ousted in 1997 to get into parliament, Reuben Chesire. Wait a minute; he did not exactly oust him. Chesire was pushed aside at nominations by former president Moi to step aside to give the then unknown young man a chance to enter parliament.

Now is the time to settle those old scores between Ruto and Dairy Board Chaiman Chesire. Ruto is currently picking immense support in the constituency by view of his presidential aspirations. In the event that he is not the presidential nominee for ODM, an almost forgone conclusion, his support is likely to spiral downwards.

Moreover, Ruto has gone against the grain, abandoned and even insulted the man who launched him into politics and carried him to high profile, Moi. He has also offended some elders when he was declared an elder of the Kalenjin community at an age when, as some say, he only qualified for the title of a junior warrior.

The speculation is that Moi will this time throw his resources and support behind Chesire in a bid to get back at Ruto. Chesire and Moi, who still wields power in the area, are childhood friends, Moi having stayed at former's home when he was attending school in the 1940's.

Chesire had vied for the seat on a Narc ticket during the last election and lost to Ruto, but this is a place where party politics will deal the last hand. The constituents will most likely want to pick the person whose party appears to win, the one likely to get a strong cabinet position. It will be quite a spot to watch.

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