2007 Political Hotspots: Makadara Constituency

The battle for Makadara seat will be based on vengeance among the former Narc coalition partners, LDP and NAK. The constituency was one of those seats whose candidates was arrived at though behind the scenes deal cutting between NAK which then consisted of NPK, DP, Ford Kenya and NCEC and the renegade Kanu wing that coalesced under the LDP banner.

The seat, which was traditionally a part of DP stronghold, was left to the LDP wing of Narc whose candidate, Reuben Ndolo, went on to win the seat. The NAK wing of Narc, which is now associated with Narc-Kenya, will for the rest of the year be horning its fangs to teach LDP, which is now the senior partner in ODM, a lesson about its pre-eminence in city politics.

The leading canon in Narc Kenya for the seat is Mayor Dick Wathika, who hit the campaign ground early with supporting youth and women projects in the constituency.

On the other hand, ODM Kenya will be raring to keep a strong presence in the city. Makadara is one of the seats held by ODM-Kenya alongside Kasarani, Langata and Westlands. With Ndolo having made enough enemies in the constituency with the poor management of the CDF, it will be interesting to see whether ODM will permit democratic nominations in the constituency or will stick with Ndolo who has turned out to be Raila's pointman in Nairobi. If the party settles for Ndolo, the whole ODM battalion will have to camp in the constituency to win the seat.

One of the aspirants that might scoop the ODM ticket in a fair nomination and give Narc Kenya a run for its money is Habib Omar Kongo, former chairman of Nairobi City Commission. Kongo, who is the Nairobi Kanu chairman, is popular with the youth and women and made a strong point in last election where he was the runner-up.

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