2007 Political Hotspots: Nyeri Town Constituency

Nyeri Town MP P.G. Mureithi is not sitting easy on his seat. Among those lighting a pretty fire under him is Narc activist Mary Wambui whose influence and resources cannot be gainsaid. Wambui has, however, not openly denied or accepted that she is in the race.

Fanning the fire too are Nyeri mayor Wanyaga Gathaka and former diplomat Wamathai Githaiga. Wambui is highly visible. She traverses the country bearing gifts and has endeared herself to the women, while the men also want to be associated with her for the influence they perceive she wields. The excitement she generates everywhere she goes is enough to give Mureithi heart palpitations, but he is not such a walk-over either.

In the last general elections he defected from Kanu to Narc at the last minute and still won the nominations and the elections. Such was the measure of his popularity. He has also managed the area's CDF fund without attracting complaints. But P.G. has been mum in parliament throughout his stay, which gives his constituents the impression that he does not represent them adequately. Moreover, they tend to feel that he does not stand a chance of getting a cabinet seat, owing to the fact that he is considered semi-literate. But then, not much can be said about Wambui's education background either.

Wamathai is also apparently making waves there,  and the battle is expected to be tough running. Other contestants include insurance man Paul Kibicho, Esther Murugi and real estate business man Mathu Muhoro, popularly known as Tyson.

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