Cherangany: A complaint on Ford-K and Kombo

I am a registered voter and resident of Cherangany as well as an ardent and active supporter of Ford-Kenya.

However, I am concerned by recent developments in the party's Cherangany branch.

An aspirant for the constituency's seat on the party's ticket has allegedly compromised some of the branch's current senior officials to ensure that he gets the ticket he needs ahead of the 2007 General Elections.

The aspirant, a well-moneyed person by most standards, has also reportedly warmed his way into the heart of the Ford-Kenya head office for the same purpose, thus making nonsense of the party's constitution and the elections held last year, in which his allies lost resoundingly.

Apart from greasing the palms of some of the key Cherangany branch officials, the increasingly unpopular aspirant has also reportedly paid some rent for the branch office and intends to equip it with some facilities.

Interestingly, word is that he has been organizing for Ford-K national Chairman Hon. Musikari Kombo to not only come and open the refurbished office, but also lunch at his home afterwards.

All this obviously raises serious integrity and credibility issues on the part of many Ford-K officials in Cherangany as well as the head office.


1. What is Ford-Kenya's policy on credible candidates, but who cannot buy their way into the party's nominations so early in the race?

2. What assurances can there be that the party's nominations are going to be free and fair in the end?

The one thing the Ford-K head office must realize this early is that it in condoning what is unfolding in Cherangany, it has already set itself on a path towards a disastrous loss in this year's elections.

And nothing short of barring the aspirant in question is going to stop the looming loss.

-- Simiyu

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