Kikuyu hidden agenda continued

Sources close to Narc-Kenya power brokers who have been secretly campaigning for Saitoti say that among the other candidates going for the Narc chairmanship, Saitoti is the only one who enjoys some form of support countrywide as a result of having served as Moi's deputy for thirteen years.

It is this perceived countrywide popularity and clout that president Kibaki's handlers are salivating about and want to take full advantage of.

Upon his return to the cabinet and entry into Nark-Kenya chairmanship race, Saitoti is said to have shocked party officials when he allegedly offered to finance the party with a whopping Shs. 1 billion donation. Although it is not clear whether the money has been transferred to the party's account, sources say, it could have been channeled directly to the presidential campaign kitty.

But even as several Narc-K MPs declare their interest in the chairmanship's slot, we have gathered that Saitoti has secretly drawn his list of those he intends to work with to ensure they win all the top national posts as follows: Saitoti (chairman), Kiraitu Murungi (secretary general), Beth Mugo (Treasurer) and Raphael Tuju (Organizing Secretary).

Forces behind Kituyi are Justice Minister Martha Karua, Danson Mungatana, Finance Minister Amos Kimunya, Kalembe Ndile, Jayne Kihara and Peter Wambora. Roads minister Simeon Nyachae is said to be behind the scenes.

For beginners, Saitoti and Nyachae do not see eye to eye dating back to their bad days in Kanu where they headed Kanu A and B factions. Saitoti's return to the cabinet was a big blow to Nyachae who is said to have very little time for the former long serving VP who appears to have never come out of his Moi sycophancy and was heard last week referring to president Kibaki as "Moi".

As it had been claimed by ODM-K luminaries that the Kibaki administration is tribally based, it is said Kibaki's intention is to groom Saitoti to take over from him in 2012 so as to ensure he and his family is protected along with his wealth and will not be subjected to any annoying investigations, especially the Anglo Leasing scandal which has rocked his administration.

To show how Saitoti is increasingly becoming popular in Narc-Kenya affairs, last week, Kibaki had to go out of his busy schedule to commission Namanga rural electrification project in Saitoti's neighbouring constituency. Conspicuously missing was Trade and Industry minister Dr. Mukhisa Kituyi. Interestingly, all those who accompanied the president are those in Saitoti camp and include John Michuki, Kiraitu Murungi, Mwangi Kiunjuri and local MP Katoo Ole Metito.

To ensure Kibaki and Narc-Kenya wins the election; we have learnt that the government intends to use the provincial administration especially the DCs majority of who are from Mount Kenya region. Also being targeted are the provincial commissioners where 3 out of 8 are from Mount Kenya region.

And out of the 8 provincial Police Officers (PPO), two are from the Mount Kenya region. They are King'ori Mwangi of Coast and Njui Njagi of Nairobi.

Other strategic positions held by those allied to top Kibaki kitchen cabinet include finance, defense, Foreign Affairs, Internal Security and Strategic planning.

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