Kikuyu hidden agenda continued continued

The other strategy is to raise billions to finance the Kibaki campaigns. The scheme is to ensure businessmen in good books with state house power brokers are given lucrative tenders in supplies, construction and other state corporation tenders.

Also targeted is the Nairobi Stock Exchange where politicians and businessmen from the Mount Kenya region are said to have invested heavily. We have gathered that they have vowed to buy share in Safaricom heavily so as to raise more campaign funds for Kibaki's re-election campaign.

Recently when the US dollar exchange rate dropped drastically, wealthy central Kenya businessmen are said to have rushed and bought in bulk with a view of exchanging it to make huge profits when the exchange rates rise.

Other companies where the Mount Kenya businessmen plan to buy shares include East African Cables, KenGen, Telkom Kenya, Mumias Sugar and all other companies with prospects. It is also said that it is the same clique that is campaigning to ensure KPA is privatized so that they can buy it off. All these are geared towards raising funds for Kibaki's campaign kitty.

To further stamp his authority, it has been whispered that state house power brokers are secretly lobbying to ensure Police Commissioner Maj. Hussein Ali's contract is not renewed. Other sources say the rising crime rate in the country is likely to be used to justify Ali's exit.

History may be repeating itself as former police commissioner Edwin Nyaseda was also dismissed at a time when the outlawed sect members of Mungiki were a security threat in major towns and cities. The same happened to former police commissioner Shadrack Kiruki who was also sacked after thugs took hostage several buildings in Nairobi's River Road for over three hours. It is said all these incidents were stage managed to justify their exits.

One school of thought has it that Kibaki may renew Ali's term but if he calculates well, he may use the position to achieve a political goal. Unconfirmed reports say a cross-section of state house power brokers are lobbying for Rift Valley PPO Everest Wasige to take over from Ali. Wasige comes from Western province and his appointment is meant to bring the Luhya community on Narc-K train.

Although ODM-K also have their share of internal squabbles, the power struggle that is now threatening to tear apart Narc-K may be to their advantage as they are likely to meet a divided party once elections are called.

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