K.J. goes political

John Kiarie a.k.a KJ, one of the interesting personalities of the Reddykulass trio, who is also a stand up comedian and cartoonist (Head on Corrishon - Sunday Nation), has decided to go into politics. The comedian, who tied the knot late last year, ahs declared his interest in the Kandara constituency. KJ will be vying against the incumbent MP, Joshua Toro - assistant minister for roads - amongst others. He is currently laying strategies for his campaign.

K.J. is fiery engaged in the Vijana Tugutuke initiative which is urging the youth to actively involve themselves in politics. The movement has resurfaced with campaigns across the country insisting on the youth to register as voters, turn up to vote and not get involved in election violence as well as shun from being used by politicians to settle their political scores. However close to 3 million eligible young voters may be unable to register as voters for lack of identity cards.

The last time the Vijana Tugutuke movement was active was early 2006 but their meetings were soon hijacked by the elder politicians in government and opposition who are keen to bag this single huge blocking vote. This led to grumbling within the youth who had started trotting to Vijana Tugutuke meetings in droves.

The youth voters, just like many Kenyan professionals do not vote contributing to the low turnout in general elections. They lack passion, lack nationalistic ideals, wait to be bribed/handouts in order to vote, engaged in election violence and lack national identity cards which are a prerequisite for registering as a voter in Kenya. Vijana Tugutuke is set to change this trend.

Youthful MPs who has set their foot in parliament have failed to leave a mark and are said to be manipulated by the elder MPs. In the current parliament only one nominated youthful MP, Njoki Ndung'u has managed a mark with her historical Sexual Offences Bill. This achievement however borders on the women front than the youth issues. The government has set up the youth enterprise fund to entice the youth to support the Kibaki re-election strategy.

Another comedian, Walter Mong'are a.k.a Nyambane is said to have his eyes set on the Westlands constituency in Nairobi under the movement.

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