Lang’ata Const: Raila gets new opponent

A new parliamentary aspirant is vowing to give the tough-talking Raila Odinga a run for his money for the Langata parliamentary seat come the General; Elections later this year. Antony Kirori, a businessman has unveiled his vision for the Lang'ata people and urged them not to fall victim to the personality cult syndrome.

Announcing his candidature, Kirori who is shopping for a party exuded confidence and said he does not fear any candidate in Lang'ata. He said during the last General Elections in 2002, the mood of the voters was euphoric and many of those who made it to parliament made it not because of the suitability of of their personalities but due to the party they belonged to.

He said this year voters will make more discerning choices since the euphoria is a thing of the past and people want to see performance and track record.

Kirori says he has done a number of projects for Lang'ata people including solid waste management famously known as garbage collection. Korir, 37, says he is not promising heaven on earth as many elder politicians do; he is asking the people to identify their problems and he will work together with them in solving them. Through his contacts with the international business community, the youth, women, church groups and other community based organizations are set to benefit a lot.

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