Rongai: Moi sons face more test in Rongai

A Nairobi-based businessman, Peter Mbae, has joined the race for the Rongai parliamentary seat on a Narc-Kenya ticket. The Nairobi University philosophy and political science degree holder feels that he has an upper hand over his rivals because of the development record in the constituency.

The seat has also attracted two sons of former President Daniel Arap Moi, Philip Moi and Raymond Moi and is currently represented in parliament by Home Affairs Assistant Minister, Mrs Alicen Chelaite.

The aspirant boasts of having initiated development projects in the constituency in his capacity as Chairman of Rongai Youth Action, which has a membership of 300 members. He has also initiated a number of other projects like water boreholes, medical camps and bursary funds to the tune  Shs 15.7 million so far has` come from well wishers from outside the constituency.

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3 Responses to Rongai: Moi sons face more test in Rongai

Anonymous said...

How about sammy kogo, what are his strengths or weaknesses in rongai constituency as an aspiring member of parliament.

Anonymous said...

the Moi's can go and eat shit! Moi is full of himself.

Anonymous said...

Kogo is standing for the mp seat this time round. He is the best suited in my view. He has less baggage and a proffesional.