Will they survive GEMA plot?

With the so called Mt Kenya mafia now working on a scheme that will see them hold onto power way into the 2030s, the question now on the lips of ODM pretenders to the throne is whether they have a chance to ever reside at the highest office in the land.

Whereas others say that this will depend on factors on either side of the political chasm, there are others who say that all depends on how ODM plays its cards between now and the next elections.

Should ODM hang together as their supporters would want to see, observers are all agreed they would give the Mt Kenya schemers a really hard time. Should they however go their different ways, their followers fear, they would be hanged on different crosses.

Not that it would be easy for ODM even if they stayed united. Events on the other side would also significantly determine the final outcome. And signs are encouraging fro ODM following the recent spurt-ups dogging Narc-K as the battle for chairmanship hots up.

With Narc-K now entering the make or break stage, ODM luminaries pray that things only get worse. This is because should the Mafia scheme of holding unto power for the next two and half decades come to reality, only William Ruto would stand a good chance of ever turning his presidential dream into reality. At 40 years of age now, Ruto would be 65 years by the time the Mafia would have had enough of power.

By then he would be at least in a position to run around the country campaigning and he would also have become well known across the country as to garner support nationally.

As for Raila Odinga who now is 63 years old, he would be 88 years by the time Uhuru Kenyatta would be calling is a day in 2032 and for all intents and purposes in retirement. In fact, observers have pointed out, the reason ODM might miss out on the big price is because of the age factor of its aspirants with Raila believed to be seeing this as his best last chance to go for the top seat.

Another ODM luminary Kalonzo Musyoka is now 54 years and would be 79 in 2032 and more or less an elderly man. Kalonzo, it is widely believed, sees himself as the man who would nip the Mafia's scheme in the bud. Having realized that he is not the man Raila was going tosha for, sources say, Kalonzo has now reportedly managed to win the support of the United States government which has agreed to sponsor his presidential campaigns.

Impeccable sources have it the Americans will be channeling the funds to Musyoka through the Tanzanian government. This, observers say, is meant to smokescreen the Mwingi North MP's source of funding. Kalonzo, we learnt, will be receiving the funds together with exiled former PS John Githongo who is said to be eyeing the Gatundu North seat.

Only last week, Githongo gave the conditions for his return top of the list being that the government makes full disclosures on Anglo-Leasing scandal, that all suspects named in the rip-off be taken to court and that public money paid to shadowy companies be returned.

Those in the know say that it was not a coincidence that Githongo did not ask for security as he has already been promised that by the Americans and the British who will be guarding him round the clock.

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