Drama as snakes rattle Michuki in Naivasha

There was drama last week when the Minister for Internal Security John Michuki of the ‘rattle-a-snake’ fame found himself for once staring grimly at live reptiles he has been associated with since the raid of a media house last year.

Michuki had arrived in the old town of Naivasha to unveil the newly-created Naivasha district only to leave badly shaken and rattled by the reptiles.

The launch was held at Milimani Primary school within Naivasha constituency which is represented in parliament by Assistant Minister Jayne Kihara. The ceremony which was well attended by eager wananchi, however ended prematurely when three snakes landed on the main dais as Michuki was speaking.

The residents are now blaming a mysterious cult that assembles at Le Belle Inns for the unusual drama. The story goes that a man from Giriama at the Kenyan coast is the leader of the cult.

People are asking themselves how three snakes found their way to the main dais where guests were seated. The cult story has become the talk in Naivasha town as residents try to come to terms with frequent road accidents on the main road linking Nakuru from Nairobi. The cult is being blamed for the death of the former mayor of Naivasha Mr Amisi through a grisly road smash-up.

The young Maasai men who were in attendance managed to kill two reptiles but the third one which appeared to have been the mother of the young ones disappeared just as mysteriously as it had appeared.

The newly-launched district unveiling ceremony was also attended by the Rift Valley PC and Kihara who is now passing the buck by blaming ODM-K for hiring people who brought the serpents to the meeting to embarrass her. Also in attendance were assistant minister Kalembe Ndile and the Gilgil intelligence officer who was nearest to Jayne Kihara when the drama unfolded.

A clearly rattled Michuki was reported to have refused to put on his favourite hat and umbrella for fear that the reptiles could be inside. Even the sight of the two dead reptiles could not convince the usually tough-talking minister to put on his hat as if recalling his own threat to a media house that “if you rattle a snake you must expect to be bitten by it!

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