Is all well in Orange Democratic Party?

  • Rift valley ODM MPs led by presidential aspirant William Ruto have spoken openly that ODM is facing problems and accused Raila Odinga and Kalonzo Musyoka of rocking the ODM boat.
  • Central Kenya ODM loyalist and former Kanu/LDP secretary general Joseph Kamotho has hinted that he could be abandoning the party for what he termed as ‘tribal politics’. Though deemed inconsequential this may represent the feelings of many ODM MPs that are being sidelined, something that was sparked by presidential aspirant Nazir Umar earlier in the year.
  • Musalia Mudavadi, one of the ODM aspirant recently warned Kenyans to be aware of a dictator worse than Idi Amin among the ODM aspirants, a reference many believe to have been targeted at Raila Odinga.
  • A number of presidential aspirants including Kalonzo Musyoka, Uhuru Kenyatta, William Ruto have spoken of defying the deadline set for returning nomination papers unless a proper national election board is constituted. The same voiced concerns over the Kshs 2 million fee slumped on presidential aspirants which was later reduced to Kshs 1 million.
  • Kalonzo Musyoka, William Ruto and Uhuru Kenyatta, key ODM presidential aspirants missed the grand vision launch of Raila Odinga. Raila graced the launch of Ruto and Kalonzo’s visions.
  • Kalonzo hurriedly launched his tax vision in the week to Raila’s launch, something that was seen as a move to pre-empt Raila’s proposals. Good competition but the competition strategies are telling of underground undercutting of the aspirants A number of aspirants have expressed concern that ODM organs are not neutral and are skewed towards favouring Raila Odinga’s candidacy.
  • Separate campaigns for the Magarini ODM contestant and individual aspirants’ countrywide campaigns against a promise for united ODM campaigns
  • A group calling itself ‘ODM Kenya aspirants’ in a manner similar to the one that caused panic in Narc-Kenya has come up claiming discriminative tendencies in ODM. This has made the now ‘iron-handed’ secretary general Prof. Anyang’ Nyongo to buy space in the print media disowning this group. A meeting has subsequently been called for all ODM interested persons on 24th May whose entrance will be Ksh.5,000. ODM membership cards will be given out to attendees.

The major questions in everyone’s mind are:

  • Will ODM hold, will they remain united?
  • Will ODM hold democratic elections?
  • Is ODM all that democratic?
  • Will Kalonzo and Raila ambitions support each other if either loses?
  • Will ODM hand over a win to Kibaki in a silver platter?

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One Response to Is all well in Orange Democratic Party?

Anonymous said...

To All Kenyans @ home and in the diaspora.



KENYA will forever be in chaos. the heart of Raila Ondinga is filled with vegeance,arrogance,haughtineess,dictatorship,communism and atheism.

Raila Ondinga,although he claims to be christian doesnt know the difference between muslim and christianity.thats is why he went ahead and signed a mou with muslims in expense of chritians.

The first day of Raila in presidency will spell what anarchy will characterise his entire regime.Luos will celeblate with impunity and they will attract the wrath of investors.

Please,assist Kibaki in his bid for a second term. He is humble,many politicians have been insulting him in public and he ignores.
Do you think this is normal to an african president.If it were not of his consideration for the peace of the country.Many would have been in Kamiti,Kondiaga or kingongo including Raila him self.

So advice RAILA to cast his vote for president KIbaki on 27 dec 2007 and we will appreciate him the way we did to president moi when handed over the sword in peace.