Emuhaya Constituency: Brother James Job Misango Libulele


Emuhaya Constituency lies in the newly created Emuhaya district in Western Province in the Republic of Kenya. Emuhaya is the home of the Abanyole sub-tribe of the larger Luhya community. With two administrative divisions, namely Emuhaya and Luanda (others divisions are expected to be launched soon), plus tens of locations and sub-locations, Emuhaya is the second largest single constituency in the Province with over seventy-five thousand registered voters.

Emuhaya has no natural resources like minerals and large tracks of agricultural land. Its biggest resource is the human resources, which need to be harnessed, trained, developed and engaged in meaningful economic activities to the benefit of today’s generation and for posterity.

Emuhaya constituency needs a young, energetic, God-fearing, honest and progressive leader who understands the value of education as the best inheritance and empowerment we can bequeath our children and the future generations.

I. James Job Misango Libulele, having been born, raised and schooled in the constituency, and having experienced first-hand the life in the constituency, and having overcome most of the challenges prevalent, do present herewith my candidature for the Emuhaya constituency parliamentary seat with the sole purpose of helping better the life of the constituents.

2. Who is James Libulele?

James Job Misango Libulele (popularly known as Brother James) is a Born-Again 36year old man. I was born on May 28th 1971 to the late senior chief Philip Libulele Abwenje and Mama Sophia Kadesa Libulele of Ebubayi Sub-location, East Bunyore location, Emuhaya Division/Constituency in Vihiga District. I attended the A.C.K. Esiembero Primary School and Emusire High School before joining the University of Nairobi in 1990; for a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and Physics.

I have worked in strategic and Key Government institutions including teaching at Mudavadi Girls High School, Madzuu from 1992 – 1994, working with Kenya Commercial Banks’ Computer Implementation Team and doing other clerical/administrative work in the branches in many of the major cities and towns in Kenya. Currently I am at Egerton University where I have worked in several capacities e.g. Dean of Students Office at Laikipia College Campus, the I.C.T. Centre and now at the Post-graduate school.

For over 16 years, I have gained invaluable experience and knowledge in different operations in various public organizations and institutions, which I believe will be useful both to my constituents, my party and the Nation as a whole.

3. Why is Brother James the best candidate for the Emuhaya Constituency?

1. At 36, age is on my side. The youth of my age group represent over 60% of the voting population in the constituency and with a good campaign we can pull the youths together to vote for one of their own as a block.

2. I was born, raised and schooled in the constituency and have first hand experience of the life and hardships in the area. I can clearly identify with most of the issues on the ground and have a very good rapport with the constituents, especially the youth.

3. My family name, Libulele is indeed a household name all over Bunyore. My great-grandfather (Libulele) was a great musician who was famed all over the place. My grandfather, Reverend Ernest Abwenje Libulele was the one who pioneered the introduction of the African Divine Church into Bunyore at Ebutsalala. The Church has since grown in leaps and bounds and currently ranks among the top three most popular religious organizations in the area. My father, the Late Senior Chief Philip Libulele Abwenje worked for many years from the 1960s to the 1980’s as an Agricultural Extension Officer in the Vihiga Division (which covered the whole of what is now both Vihiga and Emuhaya Districts) and later Emuhaya Division (which covered what is today both Emuhaya District) before becoming the Chief of East Bunyore (which used to cover the the soon-to-be-launched Bunyore East Division) in 1986.

Myself I have worked extensively throughout Bunyore in setting up youth Christian fellowships and facilitating several Christian projects in the late 80’s and early 90’s, which culminated into the formation of the Bunyore-wide United Christian Fellowship (U.C.F) of which I was the founder and chairman. The fellowships have now matured into big congregations of spiritual/evangelical churches with hundreds of members.

The office that my father founded and constructed as Senior chief of East Bunyore in 1989 – 1990 has now been upgraded to the District Officer’s office and this is a huge bonus for my candidature.

Therefore, any mention of the name Libulele in any corner of Bunyore evokes nothing but sweet and nostalgic memories and I believe I can capitalize on that to win the Emuhaya Seat.

From the forth going, it is clear that I hold a huge block of votes to my side from the Evangelical churches, the youth and the African Divine Church. I will definitely build on this base to secure the support of the other churches prevalent in the area like the Pentecostal Assemblies of God (P.A.G), most youths in the Church of God in East Africa (C of G), the Salvation Army, the Anglican Church of Kenya, etc.

4. The Ebubayi voting block

I come from the Ababayi people who occupy both Ebubayi and Esirabe sub-locations and form one of the biggest voting blocks in Bunyore currently with over 10,000 registered voters. It is historically proven that whosoever gains the majority of the votes in Ebubayi definitely wins the Emuhaya seat. This has been the case for all the M.P’s who have represented Emuhaya e.g. Eric Khasakhala from the colonial times to 1980’s, Wilson Mukuna and his son Sande, Sammy Muhanji, Sheldon Muchilwa and now Mr. Marende. It is a common saying that Ebubayi is the battlefield and fountain of Emuhaya hence the scramble for the votes there.

Ironically, Ebubayi has not had a single candidate since 1974 and the Ababayi now feel they have long been used, abused and misused by the other sub-clans in Bunyore. Currently I am the only candidate from Ebubayi, unlike the other areas, which have several. In Emmutete, for instance there are currently over 10 candidates with at least 8 of them coming from a radius of not more than 3 kilometers!!! They are Prof. Sindabi at Wandeche, Billy Nyonje at Ibubi, Prof. Norah Olembo at Wanakhale, Tom Alwaka at Musitinyi, the former M.P, Sheldon Muchilwa at Mumbita, a Mr. Boaz at Itabalia, other candidates at Ebwali, Emusenjeli etc, and many more are yet to declare. This is the scenario in the other areas with several prospective candidates who are likely to share out the votes in their respective areas and hence make them inconsequential. I am sure to garner at least 80% of the Ababayi block and with support form the other regions, I will surely carry the day in Emuhaya.

5. I belong to the famed ‘Golden age of Box 14’, a phrase referring to the cream of old boys who went to Emusire High School when the school was at its very best ever. In 1989, my class produced 23 university students, the highest tally ever produced at Emusire. Of the 23, only 2 went to the University of Nairobi with myself going to the prestigious Chiromo Campus and the other one to the Kikuyu Campus. What transpired at the university is a story for another day but suffice it to say that since then I have always been held in very high esteem amongst my peers and I still command great respect across the board.

6. As shown on my curriculum vitae, attached, I have worked for Kenya Commercial Bank in literally all Provinces in Kenya except North Eastern. I have a very good understanding of the various Geographical, Political, Economical, Religious and Demographical features of our Country as a whole. At Egerton University I.C.T Centre, I have been the officer-in-charge of the Internet services café and I have literally ‘lived’ on the Internet. This gave me the opportunity to read widely about the various issues affecting our Nation e.g. HIV/AIDS, Poverty, Gender issues etc. I am therefore very widely traveled and read and have published several authoritative comments in the local dailies, some of which are attached.

7. My Public Relations, customer care, Teamwork mobilization and Problem-solving skills are legendary as can be attested to by my associates and clientele in all the places I have worked, from my students and fellow staffers at Mudavadi Girls’ High School, Madzuu, to the customers in the Kenya Commercial Bank, to the church members and general community of the Nakuru Happy church, to the students I served in the Dean of Students office at Laikipia Campus, to the clients at the egerton University I.C.T Centre cyber café and now at the University’s Postgraduate School.

8. I belong to a family that is rich in Religious, Administrative and Political leadership experience and I believe I have what it takes to lead our constituency to greater heights.

9. Despite his impressive working performance, my late father, the Senior Chief Philip Libulele Abwenje lost his job in the Provincial Administration after being forced into early retirement in circumstances that were highly questionable and acrimonious, which were engineered by the then MP, Hon. Muchilwa. My father was later to suffer untold misery as his terminal dues were withheld and all his files in the government offices went missing for over 4 years. He did receive his dues but was to eventually die of a stroke suffered during his retirement. Therefore, as Snr. Chief Libulele’s son, I will certainly benefit from the public sympathy factor and get the votes.

10. I am married from the Abasiratsi clan and my family is fairly very stable and successful, which is due to be a major boost to me due to the ‘in-law’ factor.


4. What are the Challenges that I face?

1. Finance

I am financially handicapped since I currently hold a junior administrative position at the Postgraduate school, Egerton University and my pay is very low. I have already launched my campaign using my meager and borrowed resources by visiting several churches and other groups of interest in the constituency and addressing the congregations. I have also met several other pastors who have pledged their support and promised to arrange for me meetings in their churches. I intend to visit all the main churches in the next few months and other interest groups like youth groups, women groups, teachers, business leaders etc from the constituency. However I am highly constrained financially. I have had to rely on hired vehicles and/or public transportation (matatus and boda boda), to traverse the vast constituency and this has been very inconveniencing and tiring indeed, especially when I am with my campaign team. I am in dire need of a private car, campaign equipment like posters, handbills, T-shirts, caps, banners, public address system and funds. With the support I have on the ground, I am nevertheless determined to succeed against the financial and academic Goliaths that I am now already running ahead of.

2. I am in the process of identifying a suitable party on which to run for the seat. This will require a cash base to meet the party’s nomination procedure.

5. What are my priorities?

1. At the National Level?

1. I intend to work with the government of the day in bettering the lives of the people of Emuhaya constituency and Kenya as a whole, I will seek to rise above the party affiliations and support any government activities and initiatives that will be geared for the enhancement and empowerment of the mwananchi of Kenya.

2. Where criticism shall be necessary, I shall offer the same in the most constructive way possible, with a view to finding better alternatives or solutions to the issues at hand instead of personalizing or politicizing the criticisms.

3. I will oppose and expose any forms of corruption and malpractices, be it in the government, opposition, public services, media and any institution in the country.

4. I will endeavour to avoid all forms of political confrontations and sideshows and concentrate on delivering services to my constituents and the nation, in line with my party’s manifesto.

2. At the constituency level?

1. I will seek to mobilize the youths, women and all the other constituents to pool their resources together as groups and build their own economy. I will endeavour to organize the various groups in the area e.g. the Boda-boda groups, the merry-go-round groups, the teachers, the business community etc. into S.A.C.C.O societies Ltd. which will facilitate credit facilities for the members.

2. I will solicit for help from consultants and experts in various fields e.g. I.T., business etc. to hold public seminars to train the constituents and instill into them a business and self dependent mentality and not the ‘beggar’ and bribery mentality that is currently reigning high in the constituency.

3. I will seek to promote farming of horticultural crops e.g. French beans, mushrooms, vegetables, fruits like mangos, pawpaws, avocados, bananas etc. for commercial purposes in place of the traditional subsistence farming.

4. I will endeavour to improve the infrastructure in the area like roads, the railway, bridges, electricity, water supply etc. to promote development in the area.

5. I will seek to EQUITABLY distribute and allocate the state resources and funds e.g the C.D.F, the School Bursary Fund, the HIV/Aids Fund through highly representative, professionally constituted and run committees. I will ensure a high level of accountability and fairness in the distribution of the same to ensure that only the most deserving and special cases are given priority.

6. I will endeavor to revive old schools in the constituency e.g. Emusire, Ebunangwe, Ebwali, Esalwa, Ebusakami etc. and restore them to their former glory while at the same time developing the new and up-coming ones to become better and better.

7. I shall work towards harnessing the abundant sporting talent in the constituency and market it both locally and abroad, and will also use the same to educate and empower the constituents against the rampant abuse of illicit drugs and substances, the HIV/Aids scourge, e.t.c

8. I will work with the other relevant government department and agencies to tackle the land problems in the constituency. Emuhaya constituency has a very high population and the pressure on the scarce land resources is immense. I intend to petition the government to allocate sufficient land to the hard-working people of Bunyore as it does to squatters and the landless from the other sections of the country.

9. I will seek the help of experts (geologists) to do research into the possibility of harvesting the abundant granite tors in the area for large-scale economic purposes e.g road construction.

10. I will petition the government to construct at least one tertiary institution in the constituency e.g a National polytechnic to help train the school-leavers from the area who are currently forced to migrate to the major towns and cities for any form of training.

11. As a Born-again Christian I will seek to lead my constituents by example and instill into them the values of faith, honesty, morality, discipline and hard work. I will participate effectively in the spiritual and religious activities in the constituency e.g Church conventions and conferences, youth activities e.t.c.

12. I will represent any other issues affecting my constituents to Parliament and other relevant government departments for attention.

II will seek to. ………………………………………………

6. Conclusion

Having done a thorough SWOT analysis as explained above, I am sure that I stand out as the best candidate in Emuhaya constituency. The others are mere self-seekers and opportunists who have nothing to offer the constituents except to dish out money and buy the votes.

Please offer me the support I need to win this seat and continue with the good work already being carried out by the government.

Thank you,


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5 Responses to Emuhaya Constituency: Brother James Job Misango Libulele

Anonymous said...

whats with the constant religion inference.

and what about legalisation of marijuana since this a major cahs crop in the area

Anonymous said...

i feel encouraged by your achievements i have great trust that we can do more together i would love too hear from you my contaacts are kilo1man2@yahoo.com

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

bane!!!Your resume is indeed super-but surely,does it matter who and where one come from.Stand behind the current leader instead of underming him.Clanism is silly mind.I support your spirit but before you stop this clan thing-i still hold my kura close to my chest-Bro.All that abanyole want is maendeleo and not selfish leads.We want to work together irrespective of our clan.Remember we can only have one leader at a time.Nise Owa okwe-omunyole lichina.


Libulele,you are great!Politics for politicians.I think Emuhaya need both spiritual and political leaders,i don't understand why you have resolved not to continue nourishing and consoling the the people of Emuhaya spiritually who are heart broken?Does it mean that you don't value the returns that come with the word of God or what is it that is disturbing you? Finally, we are under new constitution dispensation of which every Kenyan is trying as much as possible to bury the hatchet of ethnicity,why are you not running the same pace like other Kenyans?
We people of Emuhaya need someone who meets the requirements of Chapter 6 0f the new constitution,chapter 1 article10 and 11 plus the whole constitution.Please am a youth aged 25,studied Ebusiratsi High and did Bsc. Information Technology at JKUAT.ESIBWE SILVANO AMUKHALE-EBULONGA