Kipkelion Constituency: Kipkelion yet to set voting pattern

Kipkelion is a cosmopolitan constituency inhabited by the Kikuyu, Luhya, Kisii, Luo and the majority Kipsigis.

The area is yet to find its direction in terms of voting pattern as the influence of retired president Daniel arap Moi under Kanu has waned.

Kipkelion MP Dr Sammy Rutto is one of the least controversial politicians but voters will evaluate his record based on his efforts to ensure ethnic harmony.

It was no coincidence that when President Kibaki toured the South Rift recently, the MP was showered with praises for his prudent use of the CDF kitty.

This could work for him or against him.

It could be a plus for him because the President was making a statement on the MP’s contribution, through CDF, in the constituency.

It could work against him because some observers thought the MP was warming up to Kibaki’s camp in a region perceived to be pro-ODM Kenya.

Candidates who have lined up against Dr Rutto include former MP Richard Rotich, a former civil servant Joel Sigei, Richard Kiprono Chirchir, Kipsigis County Council chairman Thomas Ngeno, an engineer Mr Philip Mason Kipyegon, former Kericho District Youth leader Joseph Kirui (Narc-K) and Mr Jonathan Magerer Langat.

Others include UK-based businessman Joel Kirui, Kamasian ward councillor Charles Too, Hezron Kimeli Cheruiyot of Southern Sudan Friends International (NGO) and Mrs Joyce Maritim of Narc-K.

An engineer from University of Nairobi, Mr Henry Kisuge Soi, has also declared interest.

Kipkelion constituency is also a district. It borders the new Molo District on the east, Koibatek and Nandi districts to the North.

Unite again

Recent talks between Kanu leader Uhuru Kenyatta and Keiyo South MP Nicholas Biwott gave the voters some hope of uniting yet again under Kanu.

It is still unclear whether Kanu will field candidates outside the ODM-K arrangement.

The picking of the ODM-K presidential candidate could mark the beginning of new political realignments.

South Rift has in the past been seen as the hunting ground for most presidential hopefuls.

Mr Rutto will be banking on his track record. Through the CDF, the MP has built new schools and classrooms.

Narc Kenya has already identified Mr Kirui as its pointman in the area.

Dr Rutto, on the other hand, has shown strong indication of teaming up with ODM-K.

Mr Kirui should prepare for a bruising campaign as the MP is prepared to give his team a run for their money.

Dr Rutto’s development efforts have been well received by the electorate who claim the constituency had for a long time been forgotten.

The newcomers have an uphill task in proving that they can deliver more than what Dr Ruto has done.

Poor road infrastructure and tribal animosity had affected the agricultural constituency due to past poor leadership.

The bad Londian-Fort-Ternern road, which is a major route in the constituency, is always cited as one of the setbacks in the area and this is likely to feature in the campaigns.

At the launch of the new district, President Kibaki assured the local people that the Londiani-Fort-Ternan road and that linking Chepseon-Kipkelion town through Kebeneti to Tinderet in the neighbouring Nandi District would be tarmacked.

Mr Rotich is still smarting from the setback which the High Court imposed on him to pay an unsuccessful election petition costs to Dr Ruto and the Electoral Commission of Kenya.

He is, however, going on with campaigns.

Mr Ngeno, who is the district roads board chairman, is taking advantage of his position to repair roads in Kipkelion-Lelu area.

Most of those in the race are unwilling to disclose their party tickets and are waiting to see how the rivalry between Narc-K and ODM-K plays out.

Peace initiative

Dr Rutto will be evaluated on how he has been distributing the CDF money, his role in education development and peace initiative among various ethnic communities in the region.

There is no doubt that he has taken peace initiatives in the constituency. He will go on record as the first MP for Kipkelion to have brought together various ethnic communities ever since clashes rocked the area prior to the 1992 elections.

He has raised education standards through separate schools for girls and boys.

The MP will have something to show for the fair distribution of resources to various ethnic groups such as in Kipkelion, Chilchila and Londiani areas.

The MP has enlisted Government support for electrification programmes in Siret, Kedowa, Kapseger, Barotion, Baraka, Masaita and Barshelleh secondary schools.

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'Actions speaks louder than words'.Mr.Magerer seems to have forgot this popular saying.During his Campaign he could promise heaven on earth or even a free ticket to heaven.He seems totaly confused.this situation was even worsten when he stood in paliament earlier this year at apoint of order only to be told that what he was trying to say did not quantify to be apoint of order.He was freezed and since then he had remain confused.2012 is not far and if he thinks that he will come and give tkk to us then he should be getting to prepare to go and joint the lains of likes of bish.Tanui.

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Is this beech by the name Magerer really serious? This bastard should try to be a little bit more serious, now look at what he had to say about the Mau evictions,imagine even Kenyatta who has no relations with us supported us but this fool went around convening a press conference at the parliament buildings just to speak non-sense. Magerer you are fucked a thousand times. I wish I could meet you bloody bastard boy