ODM-Kenya breaks as Raila and Kalonzo part ways

In a predictable twist of fate, Orange Democratic Movement of Kenya (ODM-K) finally split as Kalonzo and Raila, the two larger than life luminaries, finally parted ways today.

After hassling for the control of ODM-K, Raila finally managed to secure Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) from the hands of lawyer Mugambi Imanyara who has been holding it since it was registered shortly after the 2005 referendum.This leaves Kalonzo and his registered ODM-K allies to control the party whose symbol is an orange inside the map of Kenya. ODM's symbol is an Orange. Kalonzo was away in Machakos for a rally as this happened in Nairobi.

ODM-K's defacto leaders Chairman Henry Kosgey, Secretary General Prof Anyang Nyongo and treasurer Omingo Magara ahve been battling with the dejure registered officials led by lawyer Maanzo as chairman and Abraham Chepkonga as secretary general. The former are allied to Raila Odinga and the latter to Kalonzo Musyoka. Maanzo and his group were registered after street protests to compel the registrar of societies to register ODM-K after its leaders were told that ODM had already been registered by the Manyara group. For fear of inter-party acrimony and to dupe the government ODM-K was entrusted to a party official, a driver and a secretary to the ODM-K office administrator Janet Ongare.

Now its wait and see to see how the two ODM's will appeal the Kenyan voters and distinctly brand themselves.

But as Raila said, Kenya may be headed for a two-horse race between Raila and the incumbent Kibaki. All will wait and see how Kalonzo will manage to become competitive without the Raila ointment. Power sharing within ODM will be easier with a proposed deal going through. The deal has Raila as president, Musalia Mudavadi as VP, Ruto as PM, Ngilu as deputy PM, Balala and Nyaga as Deputy VP. Kalonzo will have to grope for an alliance with Uhuru which will not have much impact unless it leans towards having a coalition with Kibaki or he just eats humble pie and go back to ODM and dine with Raila as a Foreign Affairs Minister.

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