Runyenjes Constituency: Two more join the already crowded Runyenjes field

Two people have entered the race for the Runyenjes parliamentary seat, further swelling the large number who seek to oust Mr Nyagah Wambora after serving only a term.

They are a former MP, Mr Njeru Kathangu, and the principal of Dima College of Nairobi, Mr Mundia Njeru Geteria.

Mr Kathangu who represented the constituency on a Ford Asili ticket, lost to Mr Wambora in the 2002 elections.

Mr Kathangu is among politicians who fought hard for the reintroduction of multipartyism and suffered for his effort alongside with Mr George Anyona, who has since died. The former MP is remembered for having rejected the use of “Honourable” to refer to MPs, preferring to be addressed as Mtumishi (servant of the people). He intends to contest on the Ford Asili ticket.

But Mr Geteria is yet to make up his mind what party to join, saying that he was disappointed with the Narc Kenya grassroots elections which he claims were characterised by irregularities.

He has been working in the constituency with churches, schools, the youth and women’s groups.

Mr Geteria who holds a bachelors degree in commerce and a masters in business administration, was at one time the chief executive officer of the Institute of Certified Public Accountants College for five years before he set up his own college.

He has the vision of being an exemplary leader who will be above reproach, and a role model to both the young and the old.

The poll hopeful is of the view that MPs should strictly play the role of patron in the Constituency Development Fund programme.

Runyenjes, he says, needs a leader with managerial skills to oversee projects implemented and completed on time.

Like Mr Kathangu, he will be taking Mr Wambora to task to explain how the CDF projects have been run.

In Rongai, Mr Peter Mbae is the latest entry seeking to unseat Mrs Alicen Chelaite. Mr Mbae, 31, founded The Eagle Christian newspaper and has payed an active role in religious organisations.

He is among the founder members of Narc Kenya and currently the publicity secretary of the party’s Parliamentary Aspirants Forum with more than 600 members.

In the May party grassroots elections, he became the Rongai branch youth leader. He will also vie for the post of party national youth leader when the elections are called.

Mr Mbae, a political science graduate from the University of Nairobi, believes bad governance is the price good people pay for allowing bad people to lead them.

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