Subukia / Juja Constituency: Woman joins race to wrest Subukia from Koigi

A woman is to challenge assistant minister Koigi wa Wamwere in Subukia, while Mr David Enos Nzioka will vie for the Juja seat against Mr William Kabogo.

Subukia, once a no-go zone for women politicians, has attracted Mrs Hilda Muthoni Kimatta who has a good education background to face Mr Wamwere, Mr Kimani Ngunjiri and others.

Mr Nzioka, a Nairobi businessman, joins the crowded Juja field on the ODM Kenya ticket. He could get support from workers at industries around Thika. He could get automatic nomination as ODM-K has yet to attract more candidates.

He unsuccessfully contested the last election on the National Labour Party ticket.

The emergence of a woman hopeful in Subukia, formerly Nakuru North, could not have been contemplated during the era of Mr Dixon Kihika Kimani who has since died. The only one who got nearer the political heartbeat within the larger Nakuru district was Mrs Rahab Wanjiru Evans, popularly known as Mama Steel.

The furthest she rose in the power hierarchy was the women’s wing leader.

Mrs Kimatta holds a Masters degree in land and water management, a diploma in soil conservation and a Bachelor of Science degree in agriculture. She was for three years in charge of agriculture, livestock and environmental conservation at the Christian Community Services of the Nakuru Anglican Church diocese. But whether her impressive academic credentials and experience in agricultural development will stand her in good stead remains to be seen.

A newcomer, Mr Peter Mugo Gutu, who has retired from the civil service, is said to be still studying the landscape before entering the race.

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