Steadman Research: Raila Leads the pack

Engineer Tinga Agwambo Raila Odinga Oginga - 50 % (3% drop)
Emilio Mwai Wa Kibaki - 39% (1% rise)
Stephen Kalonzo Musyoka - 8% (no change regardless of miracle launch)

ODM - 50%
PNU - 30%
ODM-K - 8%

The Steadman polled 2,181voters between 20th October and 23rd October in their every two weeks opinion polls.

Raila and Kibaki comfortably meet the constitutional demand of having at least 25% of votes cast in at least 5 provinces.
Voter turnout to be key in the election campaigns.

Using past elections voter turnout esp 92,97and 02:

Raila leads with 46%
Kibaki follows with 44%
Kalonzo trails with 1%

On the Majimbo debate, whether voters want majimbo:

Yes - 38%
No - 44%
Not sure - 7%
Don't know - 10%

Unknown SRCS Next Opinion Polls Expectation: Raila rating to continue going marginally down as Kibaki's rises

TitBits: Raila under pressure to shift base to Bondo and later nominate elder brother Oburu to parliament. Langata seat the most hottest as Kibaki men ready for a defeat

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