Thursday December 27th 2007 the election D DAY for Kenya

Samuel Kivuitu the battled Electoral Commission of Kenya (ECK) Chairman declared voting to be done on Dec 27th 2007 6PM to 5PM. Preliminary results to be expected on Dec 28th 2007. Kenya to move to 2008 with a fourth president or the third continue. Over 14million registered voters to dictate Kenya's destiny and place it in the hands of their leader loved.

Over 180,000 voters are double registered and to be struck of the register after the grace period expires.

Returning officers and their deputies have been appointed. They will not serve in their constituencies to take care of personal interests.

Party nominations for MPand Civic seats set to continue from tomorrow to 16th November.

Formal presidential nominations to be done on 14th to 15th November and form MP and Civic nominations to be done on 23rd and 24th November.

ECK was keen not to put the election day on a Friday(for Muslim sake), Saturday (SDA sake) or Sunday (for Christ's sake).

Past elections were held on:

2002 - Friday the 27th
1997 - Monday the 29th
1992 - Tuesday the 29th

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