Top 10 campaign issues: The Muslim Block

If there is one minority grouping that have made a strong case for their consideration in this year's presidential vote, it is the Muslim religious faith.

For the past two months, this group has managed to hit the headlines severally. No presidential candidate has managed to avoid them. With the exception of Nazlin Umar, the rest of the presidential candidates are assumed to have a Christian back ground. They are all going head over heels promising anything in their imagination to woo the Muslim vote. The three main contenders has been televised in numerous occasions dressed in kanzus and other clad normally associated with the Islamic-oriented culture.

In this campaign issue, Raila has a head start and wherever he goes that there is a muslim following, he resonates well with them. It is no secret that Raila Odinga will receive the lion's share of this vote. He has confessed to signing an MOU guaranteeing them that he will look into their interests when he gets into power. This MOU has been subject to various debates, with the Christian faithfuls been subject to propaganda from those opposing the MOU with Muslims. The impact as to whether Raila-Muslim MOU will make him loose a sizeable Christian vote has not been established. One strong factor is that Christians are not good at coalescing around a certain thinking line and take cardinal positions without splitting. The numerous church splits are a point to note.

Sometimes it is hard to distinguish Islam-faith related concerns to those of terrorism. The main contention of late has been the people who have been victimised by the Kibaki administration after being suspected to have been sympathetic to the global terrorist cause and anti-Somalia government (Islamic Courts government in Somalia). Some Kenyans of muslim faith have been allegedly expatriated to Ethiopia, Somalia and Cuba. This has been the major contention that the muslim vote has a beef with Kibaki. Other concerns are related to the 'marginalisation' of the coast and north-eastern Kenya communities which are predominantly muslim. It is good to note that in the 2005 referendum Kibaki campaigned for a constitution that allowed for kadhi courts, that the muslim vote wanted while Raila campaigned for its rejection.

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One Response to Top 10 campaign issues: The Muslim Block

Anonymous said...

Hi all,

All KALONZO HENCH-MEN & WOMEN have declared to VOTE for KIBAKI .

KALONZO put forward this SENTIMENTS last evening in Machakos as a 2012 strategy after realizing that ODM was a Real THREAT to PNU.


Kalonzo said " i would rather ODM-K supports Kibaki so as to ensure that ODM and hence RAILA was taught a lesson for Hijacking the ORANGE MOVEMENT !"

He further stated that this announcement should not be officialized because it might Taint his "Genglemanly" outlook in the eyes of his " Die-hard" Supporters in Eastern & North Eastern Province and therefore Ruin his Chances in 2012.

Remember what Mama Lucy once told Kalonzo " Support Kibaki's Re-election for 2007 and we shall support you in 2012"

Very accurate sources has it that MO-1 was very instrumental in this Rare Turn of Events after he Watched Kalonzo's Yesterday "Last Mile dash" LIVE at Uhuru Park and commented "Kalonzo seems very nilimwambiya huyu Kijana akome kabisa hii maneno aangalie Mbele kabisa (2012) ..apatiane kura yake kwa KIBAKI...." and he requested his Aide to make a call immediately to Kalonzo once he was through with the Rally.

-things can take V-Turns!