A Statement from the Insurance Industry in Kenya

Following the recent unfortunate developments in the country, the insurance industry wishes to express its deepest sympathy and solidarity with all Kenyans for the injuries suffered, loss of life, destruction of property and the displacement of persons.

The industry is aware that a number of insured properties were lost or damaged during these unfortunate disturbances. Insured lives have also been lost, and serious injuries suffered.

The industry would like to advise members of the public in general and those who have insured their properties in particular, that loss or damage arising from political risks is not covered.

However, Insurance Companies are willing to discuss the claims arising from the disturbances positively.

To facilitate this process, policyholders who may have suffered loss or damamge to their properties are advised to contact their insurers with claims details and supporting documents for further guidance and advice.

Call for Peace

Kenya has made great strides in the establishment of peace and tranquillity since independence. We must continue on this path of peace for sustained development running to future generations.

We join other Kenyans in solidarity and empathize with all those who have been directly or indirectly affected by the disturbances as we call on leaders to embrace dialogues as a crucial factor for peace restoration in Kenya.


Association of Kenya Insurers

Mr. Ben Wairegi (Chairman-AKI)

Association of Kenya Reinsurers

Mr. George Otieno (Chairman – AKR)

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