KIbaki's PNU turn around

"We did not agree on a grand coalition followed by fresh elections in two years"

That is PNU's message to Annan following the speaker's Kamukunji where Annan told MPs of a coalition between ODM and PNU to oversee constitution and electoral reforms and arrange for a General Election in two year's time. This proposition concurred with ODM's demand of a re-run only that ODM wanted it in six months' time.

Martha Karua has written to Annan decrying the way Annan made the announcement before the mediation team agreed on a political solution. PNU MPs had a briefing with the president at Harambee house immediately after the speaker's Kamukunji and thereafter held a meeting at county hall where Danson Mungatana acted as their spokesman to reiterate their hardline position.

For Kenyans it is not yet over, the hard-line positions are back! Brace for more exchanges in the coming days and a possible stalling of the mediation talks.

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