Koffi Annan updates MPs

In an informal Parliament sitting called the Speaker's Kamukunji, Koffi Annan and his team had the opportunity to update MPs on the developments of the mediation.

Key issues fronted:

  1. Resolution of the political crisis may need the formation of a Grand Coalition
  2. Independent review committee to review issues leading to the announcement of the results of the General Election
  3. MPs asked to travel to their constituencies to preach peace and reconciliation.
  4. MPs to ready themselves to urgently carry out institutional, constitutional and legal reforms to help resolve the current political crisis, possibly in preparation of fresh elections within two years
The Annan team inclusive of ODM and PNU representatives is expected to travel to an undisclosed location to iron out the finer details of the Government of National Unity. Annan has predicted that this will take between 48 to 72 hours. During this team all media houses have been requested to give a news blackout to the mediation talks awaiting a formal announcement of the agreement by Annan. MPs and political party leaders have been asked not to comment on anything on the negotiation table during this time.

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