Mombasa Asian businessmen in shock as plans go awry

Members of the Asian community in Mombasa who due to some differences with officials of the Kenyan government had decided to heavily fund the opposition to come in power by this year, are shedding tears after it became apparent that the opposition will not in any way rule Kenya.

The Asians many of whom run huge organizations and who claim huge stakes in manufacturing, supplies, transportation, hotel industry, constructions, shipping, engineering amongst other things, had through proxies, for fear of being victimized by the government heavily funded the opposition to try and secure an early good relationship with the incoming government.

The Asians who consulted widely after the polls conducted into the country by the Steadman Group, were later convinced that the country was destined for change and that there was going to be a change of guard as concerns the highest office in the country, which to them was promising a better future than what they were already experiencing which had sent most of their lucrative businesses grinding to a halt or had suffered sudden death all together.

The Asians who had given out funding to the opposition generously dug into their savings to bring into power the leaders they thought were to bring the country's business atmosphere back to where it used to be a few years ago and re-install a conducive investing condition.

Many of them had expected to make huge profits once the opposition took over for the hundreds of millions each had invested into the opposition funding but which has now left many of them in tears after elections turned into tragedy that has thrown the entire country in turmoil. To these Asians it is not business as usual and many of them are taking long holidays out of the country to seek professional assistance to relax their stressed minds, conditions they developed as a result of last year's general election stalemate.

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