News Update

The sub-committee established to deal with the governance structure in the ongoing mediation talks is expected to finish its work tomorrow. William Ruto of ODM and Mutula Kilonzo representing the government are confident that a deal will be reached and expressed significant progress in the process. Kofi Annan is expected to update the media on the progress this afternoon.

Clashes between police and residents of Ngomongo slums have left one person dead. The police were in a mission to evict those who occupied houses of those who were fleeing the January violence. The police were forced to shoot in the air as residents stoned them and accused them of doing the evictions at night instead of during the day. Kasarani, Mathare and adjacent areas are worst hit by the evictions.

The US is funding a youth programme countrywide through civil societies. The awareness campaign is expected to dissuade the youth from being used by politicians to cause violence.

The Red Cross and other NGOs involved in the humanitarian crisis in the Rift Valley have used over 3 billion shillings to run the IDP camps. The Eldoret ASK show ground hosts 20,000 refugees, burnt forest 15,000 and Kazi Bora 17,000.. The numbers are increasing by the day.

The January inflation rate for Zimbabwe under Robert Mugabe has reached an all time high of 100,586.2 per cent. Mugabe is seeking re-election next month.

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