Refractions on the Kibaki-Raila Deal

History has gone full circle too soon in Kenya. What Kibaki failed to do in 2002, he has been forced to do it in 2008. Not yet though, the problem was not the NARC MOU, it was the enforcement. Kibaki still has to prove he has changed and is willing to honour the deal without looking for loopholes in it to have grounds to dishonour it. The test is yet. There are controls however to ensure that Kibaki does not dishonour the new MOU. That of making it an Act of parliament and somehow entrenching it in the constitution. The exit clause is one of the funniest in the history of contractual agreements and let us just hope it will not get to the point where Kibaki and Raila has to revert to the exit clause.

There are multitude of blessings for Kenyans worth counting. We will smile and be merry and worryless of the dirt that has been swept under the carpet by Annan and ndugu Mrisho Kikwete our good old Good Samaritan from TZ. For once there is peace in Kenya and no looming violence in the horizon. That is a good thing. No more forced evictions, no more mass murders, burning of churches and general fear of Kenya tipping over. The economy will recover the upset without more upsets. Donor aid and grants will flow for reconstrutions as we give up some of our inheritance to the west. Tourism and business will thrive again. The region will be reconnected and ailing Uganda, Rwanda and other eastern and central African republics will be rejuvenated. Kenya will again be the hub of the horn of Africa. That is indeed a very good thing, indescribable. The politics of exclusion are done with, more consultative governance will be enforced and hopefully equality to the extent that no one community will feel sidelined.

There is a lot of optimism and hope in our feeble Kenyan hearts that all will be well. That with the agreement there will be no underhand political outmaneuvers. Kibaki and Raila will work in harmony, in team spirit to the good of all Kenyans. None on both sides will look down upon each other. The segregation of duties and separation of one's powers will be respected. No more primary school like competition. The politics of win-win will be enhanced. In short hakutakuwa na kudharauliana na kukanyangana mpaka wendine waende pembeni. Hopefully the politics of mtaka msitake, mpende msipende are now part of our dark history. That the showbiz is over and we are all in karma. Hopefully.

After the MOU saga of 2002, lots of time was wasted on the constitution review until the referendum when things went berserk. History is revolving and this is Agenda number four in 2008. Kenyans are holding their breath to see whether anything good will come out of this agenda. Does Wanjiku matter anymore, or the political class have realised that Wanjiku dropped out of school in class four and therefore cannot be entrusted with weighty matters of Cap this Chapter this Section this Subsection this Article that?

Before we think of moving on and before the onset of acrimony of distributing the queen cakes that ministries and civil service appointments and such are, can Annan and his team now focus on resettling the displaced persons. Can they negotiate and fight for the justice of the Kenyan refugees in Kenya. Can they arm twist the political principals and engage the international community to take a minute and issue threats, visa bans and sanctions to ensure that all those who were murdered between Dec 27 to this week's Molo murders get their justice. This justice can be meted out without waiting for a truth, justice and reconciliation commission to be set up. This is urgent. Kibaki and Raila should be forced to give this agenda adequate attention.

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