Safaricom IPO Launched as Ruto's Cabinet Inclusion becomes the headache

It is official now, Safaricom IPO goes on as scheduled starting today, Friday the 28th of March to April 23rd 2008. ODM's call for protests to stop the launch were fruitless. ODM's concerns about Mobitelea, 35% sale to foreigners and Jimnah Mbaru tri-roles in the IPO went unheeded. Kenyans and the world at large fight for the most profitable company in East Africa. President Kibaki opened Safaricom IPO this morning. The President and Finance Minister, Amos Kimunya slammed critics of the deal. Raila was notably absent during the launch. Kimunya further added that Safaricom's AGM will be held online. Kibaki asked CMA to firmly apply rules to deal with rogue stockbrokers.

It is now emerging that Ruto's exclusion from the cabinet list is the reason as to why Kenya does not have a Grand Coalition cabinet. Until space is found for the Kalenjin emperor, there will be no cabinet. Events revolving around the formation of the cabinet also demonstrates that nothing in ODM and PNU has changed despite the publicity facades and that wrangling over this and that will be the order of the day in this era of Kibaki and Raila partnership.

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