Start of the 2nd Session of 10th Parliament

The second session of the 10th Parliament reopened today. The major business of today's session was the speech by the Member of Parliament for Othaya, Mwai Kibaki, who is also the third President of Kenya.

Key highlight of his speech was his call for MPs to all support and pass the four bills drafted following mediation talks by Koffi Annan.

These are:

  1. National Accord & Reconciliation Bill
  2. Constitution Ammendment Bill
  3. Truth Justice & Reconciliation Bill
  4. Ethnic Commission Bill
There was a light moment when the President struggled to pronounce the word "ethnicity" to which there was foot thumping and laughter from the MPs.

As per the parliamentary tradition, several MPs had a hard time listening to the president's speech and easily dozed the afternoon away. Among them was Dagoretti MP, Beth Mugo and Prime Minister designate and MP for Lang'ata, Raila Odinga.

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