Alan E Masakhalia: An Open Letter to Dr Alfred Mutua

Sir, you recently stated that the agreed on bloated cabinet of 40 won't be an extra burden on Kenyans.

Sir, how exactly is this the case?

40 ministries means – 40 ministers earning more than a million shillings a month.

It further means at least 40 assistant ministers taking home a million shillings a month.

It means 40 permanent secretaries taking home more than half a million a month.

It also means 80 official limousines for the ministers (each does get two).

It further means 40 more fuel guzzlers for the assistant ministers

The 40 permanent secretaries also get to be driven home – a home that also ought to belong to the government (aren't they housed?).

Don't forget the 80 drivers for the ministers and their assistants.

Plus the 80 or more body guards, who would rather be combating crime in Kariobangi.

Sir, please help me see things from your point of view – no extra cost?

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