Alan E Masakhalia: An Open Letter to Justice Aaron Ringera

Hallow Sir,

Receive greetings from a Kenyan yearning for justice

Sir, I realize that you are one of the highly paid citizens in East and Central Africa.

I therefore hope that this means Kenyans get services that are unparalleled in the region.

Sir, I have two concerns, the first is the unending Mobitelea. I don't know what mobitelea is, am not sure whether it is shadowy or not and so are most Kenyans.

Why cant your esteemed office clear the air on this. Isn't your office the one which ought to investigate this matter and give Kenyans the assurance they seek.

Secondly Sir, if indeed the electoral commission was compromised through pressure or even through bribes, isn't your office supposed to stand for integrity/ Any investigation in the offing?

Sir, as you read this from integrity house – Kenyans long for the truth on these two matters.

Please help

I remain looking forward to a positive response

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