Cabinet impasse has robbed Kenyans of their country

The writing is large on the wall; the National Reconciliation Act has hit a stalemate.

This gives me an urge to comment on President Kibaki’s press briefing at Harambee House on Monday. He said his government was fully committed to the reconciliation accord entered on February 28 and the internal refugees’ issue was a priority that ought to be resolved immediately.

However, the President did not want to say what Kenyans wanted to hear. Kenyans wanted to know the contents of the letter presented by ODM delegation, rejecting the Cabinet arrangement.

Kenyans indeed wanted to hear the President dissolve the partial Cabinet to give the two warring parties an equal chance in the new formation. Kenyans expected change of direction to the political quagmire that has hit the country for months.

Kenyans wanted to hear that tension gripping the country will begin to reduce, that chaos will never again resurface and they too wanted to see full commitment to portfolio balance, to pave the way for government operations.

In a nutshell, Kenyans want the President and Prime Minister-designate to give them back their country.


What would really be a real scoop is if Mr Raila Odinga and President Kibaki locked themselves in a room for, say 10 hours, and overhauled the whole ministry composition.

No doubt, they would come out with no more than 10-15 dockets and those arrogant politicians issuing veiled threats would crawl back to their bolt-holes. Even those clinging to power should reapply for their jobs.

The country would be behind the two leaders all the way and no intimidation by their so called supporters should matter if indeed they care for the mwananchi as they say they do.

Kenya is bigger than the few self-deluded power hungry lot, who speak as if 37 million people cannot do without them.

Enough is enough!


I urge President Kibaki and Mr Raila Odinga to put Kenya above their personal interests.

The politicians allied to either of the two should not be involved in discussing the new Cabinet.

The controversies between the two sides’ lists should be looked at keenly and a final decision reached.


President Kibaki has failed the country due to his failure to make a critical decision.

He should have named the Cabinet after he finalised the deal with ODM leader instead of listening to interested parties.

Let him realise that it was of utmost necessity that PNU and the Orange Democratic Movement genuinely share power to end the anxiety and the political impasse.

Would the President deal with matters of national interest without fear or favour?

Kenyans are not happy with a 40-member Cabinet, but are willing to accept it for the sake of peace and harmony in the country.


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