Ignoring the youth does not augur well for Kenya’s future

The young people lost out in the new line-up of the grand coalition Cabinet unveiled by President Kibaki and Prime Minister Raila Odinga.

A handful of those who made it were appointed to play a peripheral role in a bloated 42-member Cabinet, which largely comprised old guards, some who have dominated the political scene ever since pre-independence days.

For the new faces incorporated, it emerged most of them served as key allies of these octogenarians. To add insult to injury, a section of those appointed have questionable past.

Notably, in the December 27, 2007 General Election, Kenyans voted in a big way for change. They replaced most old guards with focused, energetic and intellectually-rich youthful politicians.

So, why ignore this crucial sector of young leaders? Did the move amount to insulting the intelligence of Kenyans?

Granted, the same scenario replayed in the civil service appointments. Instead of infusing fresh blood, those above retirement age of 55 years, were retained and new ones appointed.

A classic example is Mr Francis Muthaura, the head of Public Service and Secretary to the Cabinet. The other is Education PS Karega Mutahi who are in their 60s.

It is a pity to note that some of them were recalled after attaining the statutory retirement age 55 during the Moi regime.

The buck stops with the appointing authority. My take is that a society that forsakes and ignores the youth is incubating disaster and sitting on a time bomb. One day, it will explode.

The youth will rise up to demand their rights.


Now that we have seen how the grand coalition government has been constituted from President to PSs, we can conclude that not much has changed.

Let us forget about politicians as they have shared what they wanted. It now up to us to meditate over what we can do for ourselves in the next five years.

Politicians will always be there every five years asking for votes with all promises, including heaven, only to betray us.

Kenyans, let us move on with our lives!


I fail to understand who the Government is serving if they cannot hear the cry of Kenyans?
I also fail to understand why the President should retain his age mates in parastatals and as Permanent Secretaries.

There are so many young graduate Kenyans who can do their jobs! What do you take us for?
The young people are burning with bitterness. Probably, the Government does not want us to join the civil service, hence the idea of loans from the Ministry of Youth Affairs.

In most important appointments, there are hardly ever those between 25 and 35 years. I do not think we should be leaders of tomorrow forever. We want to start right away.

The President should strive to leave a legacy as one who worked well for the benefit of the needy Kenyans.

I do not see the need for the police using teargas on peaceful Kenyans who want to chart the way forward for this nation.

The country is badly polarised, and it is not just about you and Mr Odinga.

Homa Bay.

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