Kenya's 2008 Cabinet: Stand-off over Portfolio Balance

It is now 3pm in Kenya. The time that Kibaki and Raila had promised to announce the bloated 40 member cabinet. Kenya does not have a cabinet so far. Kibaki and Raila has been holed up at Harambee House since 1000HRS. Kibaki has left for lunch. He will be back at 4pm for further consultation. Or he may decide to pull a fast one and announce the cabinet from state house.

The PNU cabinet members are currently assembling at Harambee house. The pentagon members and several ODM MPs have also gone to Harambee House.

The current bone of contention revolves around local government, foreign affairs and energy ministries, among other weighty ministries.

The grand coalition may be on the edge; on the brink of collapse. ODM has said it will not concede further. Kenya may soon face the undetermined fate of collapse of the grand coalition. The National Accord and Reconciliation Act is silent on what happens when the coalition collapses. ODM insists that it should lead to a national election. PNU sympathizers say the collapse of the coalition does not mean the collapse of government. Therefore the status before the coalition will be automatically reinstated. Kibaki will continue running the government and remain as head of state.


Cabinet talks postponed until tomorrow, Monday 7th April, afternoon. Another Kenyan day wasted by Kibaki and Raila!!

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