Minister at service for all Kenyans

The claims by MPs from the South Rift region that ODM sidelined the area in the recent Cabinet appointments do not hold any water.

Instead of appreciating the fact that one of their own (Kipkalya Kones) has been given one of the most powerful ministries (Roads), they are busy sulking.

The Kipsigis, like all other communities, should understand that no community is a winner or a loser.

Put it this way: If Prime Minister Raila Odinga had indeed succeeded to be the President, the number of Cabinet ministers could have been 15.

This means that the entire Kalenjin community could be allocated two slots at most. The Kipsigis could possibly have been given a single assistant minister.

The Kipsigis MPs should appreciate the prevailing reality and stop blaming Mr Odinga.

It is equally unfair to reason that the Nandi (the second largest Kalenjin sub-tribe after Kipsigis) were allocated three Cabinet positions at the expense of the Kipsigis.

Cabinet ministers are at the service of all Kenyans; not just their respective communities.

Mr William Ruto, for instance, is not minister for Agriculture, who will serve Nandis or Kalenjins alone. He will serve all Kenyans. The same applies to Mr Kones, Mr John Michuki, Mrs Linah Kilimo, Mr James Orengo, Mr Najib Balala, Mr Mohammed Kuti, Mr John Munyes, to name but some.

But again, as a matter of fact, none of these MPs was elected by their constituents on conditions that he or she will be appointed to the Cabinet.

It is true that the South Rift gave more votes to ODM compared to North Rift during the last General Election.

However, the Cabinet has not been formed depending on who voted and who did not vote for ODM. There were many factors for consideration, including regional balancing.

Although we agree that some of the people named in the Cabinet did not represent the change ODM had promised during its campaign, there is need to sit down as leaders and come up with solutions that can satisfy all Kenyans.

Tot, Marakwet.

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