Mungiki new strategy paralyses Nairobi transport system for the second day

enyans woke to another day of Mungiki protests. This time, avoiding bloody confrontations with police, Mungiki went for the Matatu owners. Matatu owners have been warned of dire consequences if their vehicles are found on the road.

The Mungiki sect is notorious for chopping off heads and skinning its opponents alive. No matatu owner will dare go against their demands.

Three ladies were this morning undressed in Kawangware in the outskirts of Nairobi by Mungiki. Their sin was wearing trousers!

Reports indicate that cars are being stoned in Lunga Lunga-Industrial areas by youths suspected to be Mungiki who run away into the slums when confronted by police.

That has effectively crippled the public transport system in Nairobi and its environs.

What will the government do? Force matatu owners to go back to the road? Uprooting the Mungiki sect is impossible in the current circumstances. They no longer don dreadlocks, or take snuff(tobacco) in public. Even the one of not having underwear criteria was squashed by a Kibera court a few weeks ago. It was said that Mungiki members to not wear underpants. The police were using this criteria to identify Mungiki members.

The Mungiki controls the matatu sector and knows all the matatu owners who pay daily fees to the sect. Most of the matatu crew are mungiki adherents and sympathisers. Mungiki is Kenya's alter ego.

Kibaki and his henchmen are cornered on this one!


A KBS bus was petrol bombed this morning near Kenyatta market by three mungiki members who had posed as passengers. Noone was injured as passengers were asked to alight first.

11 cars were set ablaze in Nairobi Ngara area last night and the security guard beheaded.

In Murang'a business owners were commanded not to open their businesses today by the Mungiki sect. As a result most business establishments remain closed today

In other parts of Nairobi matatus are slowly going back on the road.

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