Nobel laureate, Wangari Maathai to negotiate with Mungiki

2004 Nobel peace prize winner, Professor Wangaari Maathai has expressed interest in negotiating with the Mungiki sect for the sake of peace and security. Waangari stated that blatant killing of sect members is a violation of human rights while condemning the sect's manner of operating.

Meanwhile, Nairobi and its environs is tense with the expected confrontation, tomorrow Friday 18th, between the sect and the government. The sect has vowed to bury Virginia Nyakio Maina, the late wife of sect leader, Maina Njenga at his palatial home in Kitengela. The home is currently under 24 GSU surveillance.

Rumour is rife with stories of why Nyakio was murdered. They range from a love triangle, sect rivalries between competing groups within the sect to misuse of the sect's kitty.

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