President should restore our hope

What happened to Kibaki, we knew as a gentleman, a classic economist, and a statesman, urbanised and non-violent, both in words and deeds?

Please President Kibaki, take it upon yourself to save this state from ruin.
Come out of the shadow of a small group of people and walk straight into the bright sunshine of Kenyans.

A small group, including MPs, judges permanent secretaries, parastatal bosses and Army generals, are getting a disproportionate slice of our national pie. They would like the status quo to be maintained at any cost.

Bad leadership is a worldwide problem, but most of us believed President Kibaki’s character could not be associated with what we are witnessing in our country.

In 1992, Jaramogi Oginga Odinga, expressed his hope that Kenya one day will be a place where the mind will be without fear, and the head held high by every citizen. Let’s fulfil his wish.


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