What will Mwai Kibaki's Legacy be?

I tend to think it will be bad. Worse than Kenyatta's or Moi's. Kibaki has been the most divisive president Kenya has ever had or will ever have. More destruction has been done in his watch. He failed to fight corruption, despite the public goodwill. Was dishonest to the people who campaigned for him when he was bedridden. Especially Raila. He reneged on a gentleman's agreement. He is now perceived as a dishonest gentleman. Treated with suspicion with those he deals with. Who cannot be taken at his word. What a paradox?

Why the protracted struggle to agree on a cabinet? Kibaki did not want to share real power. One wonders why he signed the deal. He still did not want to give ODM the weighty ministries. The die was cast. Kibaki has no choice but to share real power. It is not about PNU hardliners. What has come up is that he is the hardliner.

For now, Kibaki and Raila has agreed on cabinet formation. Both, cabinet size and portfolio balance has been agreed on. A cabinet size of 40. ODM to get weighty ministries of foreign affairs, local government, tourism, roads, transport, energy, agriculture, immigration and health. PNU to have internal security, defence, finance, provincial administration, justice and constitutional affairs, water and irrigation, information and communications and public works.

Kibaki needs to realize that this is not the end, but the beginning. He MUST give ODM the latitude and independence to operate these ministries. He MUST know that ODM has a showbiz component that is to the extreme of his conservative and silent nature. ODM has an affinity to the public and the public has an unwavering affection to ODM. This knowledge SHOULD make him understand that ODM will run the show. Kibaki and his sidekicks SHOULD NOT stand in the way of ODM running Kenya. I think that is Kenya's fate. The sooner Kibaki and his supporters internalize this knowledge Kenya will move forward.

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8 Responses to What will Mwai Kibaki's Legacy be?

Frank said...

So they have formed a coalition just for ODM to take over...how does that work? That kind of thinking will take us back to square one.

Anonymous said...

this sounds like a broken record, are u blind or have u just failed to notice the other side of the coin? free universal education, revival moriband projects, revamped economic recovery (from - to +7%), more democratic space.....yes the man has weaknesses so has all readers...look at US's Bush? So at least u agree ODM continues with domo domo and showbiz while PNU 'kazi itaendelea...there you are spot on..

Anonymous said...

have u not noticed new KCC, KMC, amongst other revived projects?
what about health sector improvement and tourism?
what about transport? michuki rules?
what about CDF that has taken money to rural areas?
what about free primary education?

Kibaki will and is well admired locally and internationally.
What will be Raila legacy? Killing of Kikuyu's, 40 ministers, ODM lost vision.......where is wanjiku when ODM says education and health ministries are bones and finance is flesh??????????????????

aMERUcan said...

Worst president?I dont think so.Weakest?yes.
I believe the President who got this ball rolling was our founding father Mzee Kenyatta.He is the one who ursuped the role of the colonial powers and became them.He gave his fellow elites land left by the whites, removed the role of prime minister and became the alpha and omega.That is why i believe he was the worst of all 3.Moi Just perfected the art and made it a masterpiece(imagine for 24 years!!!!)
I am an ardent supporter of Raila but i think there are worse devils that Kibaki.

Anonymous said...

Which Kibaki are you talking about? You surely have a problem. If you have not noticed what he has done and continues to do, even when insulted and his goodwill abused...who could be more accomodating than this man? You can feed a cat all you like and dress it any how; it will never become a lion!

Anonymous said...

Sure Kibaki has done good things, but exemplar he is not. So all totally praising him or totally excoriating him are at fault, including the articles author and some of the bloggers. Unfortuanately, that is our problem, Kibaki's supporters won't see no evil even if his actions make them homeless, and his opponents won't see his good even if he improved the economy. My take, he has improved the contry, but more is needed, it ain't enough

Alice said...

"even when insulted and his goodwill abused...who could be more accomodating than this man? "
The head of the state needs to be a lion, an animal, or a human with lion like courage to fight with enemies? Not loosing temper in odd situations is the best quality of a LEADER.

siRKen said...

Kibaki has elicited very bad emotions in the country. He cannot have a good legacy if more than half the Kenyans hate him with a passion enough to massacre his followers.