The Culture of Unpunished Crime and Impunity in Kenya

Since the December 2007 disputed elections the cancer of impunity is catching up like bush fire in Kenya. Criminals are turning into heroes and the downtrodden’s justice is disregarded depending on where you are standing. Criminal groups are holding the government and wananchi hostage ODM-style. ODM mass action was a bad precedent for Kenya’s justice system. Na bado.

Kalenjin warriors: Does Kenya law apply in the Rift Valley?

The debate of amnesty to Kalenjin warriors is gathering storm. William Ruto, the Kalenjin kingpin, sparked off the debate as a condition for allowing Kikuyu IDPs to be resettled back in Rift Valley. The Kalenjin warriors massacred Kikuyu settlers during the post election violence and destroyed their properties.

Martha Karua, the Minister for Justice, Constitutional Affairs and National Cohesion, has come out strongly against an amnesty deal for Kalenjin warriors stating that crimes against humanity should not be forgiven easily. She further stated even cabinet ministers who will be implicated in the massacres will not be forgiven and will face the full force of the law. A move seen to be aimed at William Ruto, the Minister for Agriculture who is suspected to have masterminded the ethnic cleansing of Kikuyus in the Rift Valley.

A group of Rift Vallet Kalenjin MPs led by Franklin Bett have accused Martha Karua of double standards for disagreeing with Ruto while supporting Mungiki dialogue with the government.


A contingent of GSU has finally been withdrawn from Maina Njenga’s house in Kitengela where they have kept a 24-hour vigil for more than a year.

The Mungiki is now a glorifed criminal gang that has caused untold suffering to Nairobi residents and its environs in the last 10 years. Now every politician worth his/her clout including the prime minister is lining up to pledge allegiance to the gangwith calls to free a condemned criminal. What about the justice of those who have suffered in the hands of the outlawed gang.

The Minister for Internal Security, Prof George Saitoti has contracted with the Prime minister over this matter.

Sabaot land defence forces

Sabaot leaders met with Raila complaining of Kenya Army violation of human rights in the crackdown against militia. Raila promised to raise their concerns in a cabinet meeting.

Embakasi Updates

The contestant line up is as follows:

Esther Pasaris (ODM)- former MD of Adopt-a-Light

Julius Were (ODM)- brother to slain former MP, Melitus Were

Dick Waweru (ODM)- former Nairobi lawyer, who contested and lost PNU nominations last year

Robert Asembo (ODM) – Nairobi lawyer who represented jailed Mungiki leader, Maina Njenga

Mohamed Sumra (ODM)- perrenial loser in the Embakasi MP race

Ferdinand Waititu (PNU) – former deputy mayor for Nairobi. Endorsed by PNU bigwigs. Contested last yearand lost to the late Mugabe Were who won with over 34,000 votes while Waititu garnered 28,000 votes. Endorsed by former Nairobi maypr John Ndirangu who garnered 22,000 votes in the last elections.

Kalembe Ndile (TIP) – former Kibwezi MP. struggling to get endorsement from the grand coalition government.

Whatis Raila’s Work?

The minister for Justice and the Minister for Agriculture are fighting in public?

The minister for internal security has contradicted the prime minister over Mungiki dialogue with the government in public?

Parting shot

  1. Raila was booed by his fans in his Luo Nyanza grand home coming,will this be the beginning of the end
  2. Equity was supposed to suffer economic boycott in February 2008 as an ODM strategy to bring PNU into submission. Raila was singing Equity banks genius in Bondo on Monday
  3. Raila is in government and is easily missing on the corruption whistle-blowing art and abhors opposition, or is he safeguarding his plan B?

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2 Responses to The Culture of Unpunished Crime and Impunity in Kenya

gikonyo said...
As you can see it is happening with wanton impunity.

Anonymous said...

if this is about impunity, why would anyone listen to Asembo, the man himself is waking impunity or so he believes. Doubt my statement? Try calling him as a client!