Stop these campaigns

We have in the last couple of days heard a group of Cabinet ministers campaigning for one of their own to succeed President Kibaki. And from the same side, we have heard others express disquiet about such a move.

From the other side of the governing coalition, we have heard ministers say their ultimate goal still remains to secure power and win tenancy at State House.

From both sides, we could do with more focus on work rather than extremely premature political campaigns.

Politicians, of course, have the right to aim for the highest office in the land and to put in place the machinery to help realise their dreams.

But there is a time and place for everything. We are being governed by a young coalition that is still trying to work in harmony.

The coalition was cobbled together principally to save Kenya from sliding into anarchy following a disputed presidential election.

The coalition government, and the entire body-politic, is still at a very delicate stage. Those serving in it are still learning to work together. The post-election violence still has to be dealt with.

At this stage of such a fragile situation, we would expect our ministers to focus on service delivery, and concentrate on seeking a permanent cure for a troubled nation.

The same old politics of perpetual competition must be put aside for the moment, even if only to buy the coalition government the breathing space it needs.

Kenyans, in any case, deserve a break from destructive politics so that they can get around to rebuilding their shattered lives.

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