Amnesty my foot!

The Kalenjin communities should shape up! Or is it ODM leaders? Lorna Laboso’s funeral turned to a battle ground of tribal hatred agendas. Are ODM leaders about to turn to mass action to push the government they are part of to release their ‘boys’ who ‘blocked roads’ in protest to an allegedly stolen election?

The ‘boys’ who murdered, raped, burnt alive, looted property and displaced thousands of Kikuyus?

Why play cheap politics on the minds of naïve Kalenjins?

Which ODM MP has tried changing the clauses in the Kenyan law that retains Kivuitu as the ECK Chairman? None.

Which ODM MP has pushed for prosecution of policemen who shot their “boys” and get justice for their supporters? None.

Which ODM MP has called for the prosecution of Kikuyu’s who retaliated by murdering and displacing their supporters? None.

Which ODM MP has so far pushed for the equal distribution of resources that allegedly fuel Mt Kenya Mafia’s dominance? None.

ODM should give us a break! They seeded tribal hatred against the Kikuyu, now they are in power, cruising in power guzzling four wheels, and conveniently wait for a funeral to fan more tribal hatred against the Kikuyu.

Sample this from the Standard:

Karua was booed and heckled just after fellow Cabinet Minister Charity Ngilu left the podium after touching on the sensitive issue of the release of post-election violence suspects.

Kalenjins should be exempt from the law? The Kikuyu put their errant (Mungiki) sons in prison and are inwardly happy when police shoot them if they become an eyesore.

Ngilu apparently appeared to have worked up the crowd when she accused some of her colleagues in the Cabinet of working against the release of post-election violence suspects. "Those who caused the problem are not the boys in jail, but leaders who are seated here with us and who have refused to have the suspects pardoned," she said, amid applause from the crowd at Laboso’s home.

Again, cheap dirty politics from an ODM luminary. Madam Ngilu, how many times have you brought a bill to trim Karua’s powers? Worse still, call for mass action against the Justice Minister. Have you sought audience with police commissioner Hussein Ali who has categorically stated that criminals are criminals and they will face the law. If it is equal application of law, bring it on!

"If the youths will remain in jail then those generals (leaders) who called for mass action must also face the law," said the Kitui Central MP.

That is the tricky bit, madam Ngilu. How about a show of solidarity by ODM luminaries, walk to the jails and spend a month with the “boys” behind the bar? It will work wonders. Or is it Martha Karua’s fault? If Martha Karua had her way, you know where you will be.

It took almost five minutes for Ruto, speaking in vernacular, to calm down the hostile mourners before inviting Karua to resume her speech. He asked them to look at Laboso’s mother’s face, then dripping with tears, to know what they were doing, even if justified, was on the wrong day and occasion.

This is the ODM trademark, hijacking a solemn ceremony and politicking at a funeral in total disregard of grieving family. Mr Ruto, did you look at Labosso’s mother face when your time to speak came? See below:

He (Ruto) said it was unacceptable that the leaders of the Grand Coalition were being driven around in GK-plated vehicles as the youths who forced on the country the National Peace Accord languished in the cells.

Walk, Mr Ruto or get a boda boda. No one has forced you to use a GK vehicle. You know very well you should be languishing in the cells as well but you support ‘selective justice’ and always hide in the skirts of your tribe when justice come calling. Shame on you!

He said the situation was compounded by the fact that Mr Samuel Kivuitu, the chairman of Electoral Commission that oversaw the flawed election, was still in office "earning big salary". He called for an end to what he called "selective justice’’, targeting given communities.

Ruto, you are also “earning a big salary”. You are a legislator, legislate against Kivuitu, you have been in parliament for six months now, surely you should have done something by now. Damn, warlord, you are a beneficiary of selective justice.

"We must as leaders agree when we formed the Government we left behind those who were together with us during elections," he said.

Resign, Ruto, resign. You are not bound with Caesar’s chains, resign. Go back and first bring out your boys.

"We changed the Constitution to legitimise the illegal government and the big boys shared positions leaving behind those who fought to defend democracy," said the Eldoret North MP.

You see why I say you should be languishing in jail? You legitimized the illegal government? That is treasonable. For your records, your ‘boys’ did not fight for democracy, they committed genocide. Lastly, you are one of the big boys! Take a look in the mirror, you betrayed your “boys”. Stop fooling us.

He said the suspects in custody must be released if the President Kibaki and Prime Minister Raila Odinga agreed to share power. "We must accommodate those boys because we are the reason they are in custody," he said.

Why are you telling us? Just accommodate them, they can do well in the army, I guess.

"We have made it look like the country has two sets of law, that for the rich and another for the poor. We have made a country where leaders do not pay taxes while the poor do. We must be honest," said Ruto.

Aargh! I thought you were fighting for change, six months down the line since you were elected on a change platform? You are still talking of two sets of laws? And you keep forgetting you are part of the rich class’ set of laws. How can you speak for the poor? Your rich class of MPs have refused to pay tax, leave alone reducing their obscene salaries and allowances.

Dr Kones said most MPs now fear using planes and instead preferred to travel by road.

Good for us. Less expenses and possibility of you greedy MPs making the roads habitable for us.

"Let the findings of the crash be made public in order to confirm or dispel fears of foul play in the accident," Kones said.


House Speaker Kenneth Marende, Industry Minister Henry Kosgey and Kones demanded investigations into the cause of the plane crash be hastened and it should also be thorough. "We can not keep losing industrious Kenyans in air crashes. It is simply not acceptable," Marende said.

Industrious? Yes, industrious.

Cabinet ministers and MPs led by Kalonzo and Mudavadi travelled to the function in four helicopters while others went by road.

Some people never learn!!

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2 Responses to Amnesty my foot!

Anonymous said...

I will not be surprised to learn that this is left by a Kikuyu.... On minded people that don't see the pain and inconviniencies that they have caused the other Kenyans. Hope that Kibaki and his Martha Karua burn in Hell. Have always been criminals and will always be criminals, and will never be at peace with other tribes in Kenya... NEVER

Anonymous said...

I am impressed at how you present your points. You seem to be a well informed guy who is biased by his own intelligence. Reading through the lines I can tell you are bitter, bitter because, you are now begging to realize the rest of the communities in Kenya are smart and will eventually outsmart the 22% of the population from you know where. It seems that you are particularly not in peace with the amnesty, and yes it will amnesty your foot, when you will need in the future to safe your own. You are too narrow minded you do not even realize that amnesty would be the best thing that would ever happen for IDPs. Kibaki is a modest leader, but he will cost your community a fortune if he let the whore, who got heckled to continue to speak. No wonder why Lucy did not want her at the state house after 5 pm. I will rest my case for now, but I beg to ask you one question, why is it that of all the things, Kimunya did not allocate anything for the reconciliation process, Because PNU is not interested. They hope that the conflict continue, onlt this time, it will backfire big time. have you realized by the way that Kibaki is now history, and he is beginning to depend more on PM, to salvage himself, because again, the selfish whore, the judas Iscariot and half cast are on a collision path for 2012, and they have quickly shelved kibaki to the back burner, only this time with no fuel. Open your eyes, and think big, you will realize that the Kikuyus have to learn to live with other people, they are the only community that has historically moved out into other communities strong hold. This is just but the truth, and I know it hurts. Because just like you said, it becoming increasingly known now that unless those youth are released, It will not be amnesty my foot, but " resettlement my leg"