Constitution Review the next time-waster for Hon. Tumbos

Kenya Public Denied Fair Returns for Safaricom

Today 120m shares of Safaricom changed hands. With over 60,000 shareholders it closed at Sh7.80. Barely a week after inconveniencing the public, Michael Joseph said Safaricom will be back to the capital markets to borrow more funds to fund its expansion in the next six to 12 months. Kenyans are still struggling to process their refunds from the Safariom IPO after EFT requests were ignored by the IPO gurus.

Following central bank's directive that refund cheques cannot be endorsed, there are growing concerns that the level of fraud in the Safaricom IPO was in unprecedented high amounts. Meanwhile, the Kenyan wananchi continues to suffer under the 20% who control 80% of Kenya's wealth, Kibaki and Raila included. No wonder, the socialist professor Anyang' Ny'ong'o and the emerging voice of the poor in William Ruto issued a caveat emptor on Safaricom IPO but noone listened.

Constitution debacle revived

After telling off Adeniji the Nigerian chair of the Kenya Dialogue & Reconciliation committee, our Hon Tumbos were back to his table to conveniently spark off the next war front; constitutional review. The committee agreed to Martha Karua's publishing of two bills in the Kenya Gazette before Friday. The new constitution debate will be based on the Bomas Draft, Naivasha Accord and Kilifi Draft. Ladies and gentlemen, this is a bare knuckle war. ODM parliamentary group hurriedly met and endorsed the initiative, its announcements led by the group secretary and grand opposition activist, Ababu Namwaba. The bills will be introduced in parliament after the budget debate.

Parliamentary Budget

KShs 7 billion has been set aside for the Kenya National Assembly. Key highlights include the Shs 185 million set aside for live broadcast of parliamentary proceedings already in the test phase. Half a billion has been
set aside for mileage allowance, Shs 200m for ex-gratia payment to some 345 former parliamentarians and Sh 8m for purchase of furniture for the speaker's home.

Mt Elgon Military Base

Chief of General Staff, General Jeremiah Kianga says the military will set up a permanent training base in Mt Elgon forest after the end of the Okoa Maisha operation. The operation was aimed at doing away with torturous Sabaot Land Defence Force. Gen Kianga refuted claims by various human rights watchdogs of the gross violation of human rights and torture in various camps in Mt Elgon. The parliamentary committee on security has taken up the matter.

James Orengo flexs his muscle once again

It cannot be understated that James Orengo, the minister for Lands was allocated the most explosive of all Kenyan passions; land. Whereas he is getting stuck in the status quo rote, once in a while he gets a chance to flex his reformer muscles. This time he is partnering in the passionate Nairobi Metropolitan Development Minister, Mutula Kilonzo snr to repossess all grabbed land within the proposed Nairobi Metropolis even if the land has legal documentation. The only problem with Orengo is that he does not have a roadmap of how he is going to sort out the humongous land problems. He is comfortable chasing and taunting the land ogre with a kitchen fork.

Mutula Kilonzo started off well, with his lifetime asset, the tongue. Nairobians are however growing weary by the day. All talk and no work makes Mutula a damn lawyer. Nairobi Metropolis needs action not talk! Solve the small problems first before delivering heaven in Nairobi when there are no Nairobians. In the same spirit as his tongue the current obsession is an international competition for the master Nairobi Metropolis plan, damn! what was vision 2030 for?

Secondary Schools' Second Term Demons on the rampage

Whatever ails high school students in second term cannot be fathomed. Between June 1 and June 17, 18 schools had been closed due to students going on the rampage, setting up dormitories on fire or ghosts pelting them with stones while they sleep. In May 5 schools were closed due to similar reasons. The leaders of tomorrow start early. Anarchy is ingrained into the Kenyan lifestyle of resolving grievances from an early age. Vision 2030 will be blown up before it crawls!

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