The corridors of power gossip

We are told that former cabinet minister Julius Sunkuli’s decision to step down in favour of Gideon Konchellah in the Kilgoris election set for next Thursday was sweetened by a promise that he may be headed for better things. A little bird has whispered that a diplomatic posting in China was the carrot that was dangled as a possible reward for Sunkuli’s backing of the PNU candidate.

But it is not just PNu that is making promises. We hear that similar deals are being in ODM to ensure the losers in the nominations back former Adopt-a-Light boss Esther Passaris in her quest to capture the Embakasi seat. The carrot here is the possible appointment of scrap metal dealer and perennial Embakasi parliamentary seat aspirant Irshad Sumra as the new MD for Tana and Athi River Development Authority.

The wheat farm of a former MP from the Rift Valley which was set on fire at the height of the post election clashes has given an ultimatum to a cabinet minister – ensure my wheat granaries are full or else! The former MP blames the cabinet minister’s “boys” for the damage to his wheat farm.

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