Zimbabwe Crisis: WP writer Njoroge Wachai’s anti-Mugabe pro-Odinga spin

MR Njoroge Wachai, distinguished gentleman, your article “Lip Service For Mugabe - World leaders’ apathy toward Zimbabwe’s crisis is disgusting” in the Washington Post 06/19/08 is interesting.

As a Kenyan journalist with the luxury and time to pry and meddle in the affairs of a foreign government, Zimbabwe, I assume business at home is prospering. Therefore, would you on behalf of Kenyan Prime Minister Raila Odinga provide the readership with the following facts:

1) Has it been proven in a court of law or a legal body that the Kenyan presidential 2008 elections were unfair and corrupt?

2) Did Raila Odinga’s political party or Kenyan government provide for the 2,500 plus post-election deaths, a result propagating that the presidential elections were unfair?

3) Did the victims receive a decent no cost burial?

4) Are the post-election 450,000 homeless Kenyans being compensated for having their properties, homes and businesses burned, and looted as a result Raila Odinga’s accusing his government of unfair elections? Are they still living in tents?

Secretary Rice and Kenyan Prime Minister Raila A. Odinga spoke to the press before their meeting at the U.S. State Department, Washington, DC June 18, 2008.

Why was the first two and only staged questions asked by the Press: “What would you like President Mbeki to say to Mugabe when they meet later today?” And, “Minister Odinga, would you like to comment on Zimbabwe?”

What happened to Kenya’s concerns? One answer given by Prime Minister Odinga was: “So my view is that the time has come for the international community to act on Zimbabwe, the way that it did in Bosnia.”

Mr. Odinga said “My view”, or should it be Kenya’s view?

What official capacity is he in here in America? Kenya’s or the U.S. backed MDC-T’s opposition? Or the pre-war invasion buildup spin for Southern Africa?

Mr. Wachai, “U.S. officials marking the 10th anniversary of the end of the war said the death toll in Bosnia ranged between 200,000 and 300,000, a range that has been widely cited by government officials and media accounts for a decade.”

This is what the Foreign Minister of Kenya wants for the people of Zimbabwe? This is Kenya’s foreign policy for peacemaking?

You speak of stopping the name calling of Zimbabwe’s duly elected President Robert Mugabe by international media and world leaders as a waist of time. Yet you called him a “hypocrite”, a “discredited dictator” and referred to his government as “an outpost of tyranny” and a “criminal Zimbabwe leadership.”

You also said that the “international community has not done enough to contain Mugabe.” Contain? To contain a head of state means to hold, have, control, enclose, surround, and restrain.

Sir, you stated vehemently “This is, now, what disgusts me?” What disgusts you so much? You’re a well informed Kenya-based People Daily journalist. Why the emotional response to Zimbabwe when the conditions in Kenya are on par?

You speak of Zimbabwe’s election run-off as a fraud. The United States does not have a one-person one-vote electoral system to elect their President, the Electoral College does. Britain is a medieval constitutional monarchy and rules by Royal Prerogative; not a one-person one-vote system to elect their hereditary head of state.

This mob rule of one-person one-vote for electing a head of state in Britain and America is unknown? Why are African countries subjected to media spinmiester influenced one-person one-vote mob rule election systems to elect a head of state?

As a historical reminder Mr. Wachai when “the Kenyans rebelled against ruthless land seizures by the settlers and their adamant refusal to share power in any way, the British retaliated—in the name of civilization—by detaining, torturing, and executing huge numbers of Africans.

They imprisoned in concentration camps nearly the entire Kikuyu population, whom the British contended were not freedom fighters but savages of the lowest order. This colonial war may have slipped the mind of the editor of the Cambridge History because the British government did everything in its power to cover up the genocide it attempted there, including burning its colonial archives relating to Kenya on the eve of leaving the country in 1963.” ( excerpt from Chalmers Johnson’s Nemesis - The Last Days of the American Republic)

I recommend a new Kenyan foreign policy objective, find out where the “colonial archives” are instead of meddling in the affairs of a foreign government in violation of Kenyan diplomatic protocol.


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