Alan E Masakhalia: An Open Letter to Major General Hussein Ali, the Kenya Police Commissioner

Sir, I begin by letting you know that you are a man I hold in high esteem – I know rising to the rank of major General is no easy feat. I also envy the fact that you made history as the first Armed Forces officer to head the police force. I also appreciate the fact that you accepted to leave the comfort of the Army Barracks and came to the streets to hunt down muggers, pick pockets, rapists etc etc.

Once more, thank you for accepting to serve Kenyans in this challenging position.

Sir, last week you broke my heart. As the first person to take the stand at the Waki Commission of Inquiry you stated that you were very proud of what your boys did during the post election violence, you also declared that if you could turn back the hands of time you would do things exactly the same way they were done. This sent shivers down my spine.

Sir, even though your boys in blue argued that they were killing people in self defense, why is it that they rarely shot their arms or legs??? in most cases they preferred to aim at the head or chest. Is this the best way to immobilize a person???

Sir, I will dare accuse your boys of having applied the law selectively in quelling the post election violence. For sure rioters had a field day in Naivasha and Thika. Sir, why is it that whereas houses were burnt in Naivasha no single arrest was made. Mr.Ndege of Naivasha lost his two beautiful wives plus nine children, others had to seek refuge at the Naivasha Maximum Prison -why didn't your officers make any arrest here??

You surely cant be proud of this too.

Sir, children aged 10 yrs, who cant even hurt a fly had their lives cut short in Kisumu, thanks to your officers who were armed to the teeth with AK47 rifles.

Were the officers who did this really doing so out of self defense?

In all honesty what life threatening position did these kids present to your officers?

Proud of this too??? Would you still do it again the same way???

Then I move to the man whom I won't forgive in 100 years – Erick Kiraithe.

Sir, I love watching movies (and so do most Kenyans), movies are quite entertaining – your officer seemed so entertained with every bit of the Kisumu killings, he even equated them to Rambo movies.

Please tell me you aren't proud of him.

Sir, in January there were massive transfers based on tribe. Officers from western, Nyanza & Riftvalley were posted to meru, karatina, Machakos among other calm areas. Officers whose home areas are in the mount Kenya region were then sent to Western, Nyanza & Riftvalley. What informed this kind of move?? Is this a move your office is also proud of???

Sir, has your good office ever heard of rubber bullets??? Wouldn't these have been more effective in handling unarmed citizens (whose only crime was to make faces at your officers).

Sir, there were simply toooooo many stray bullets, people died in the slums as bullets went through their iron sheet houses, some even died as they slept.

Proud of this too??? You wont even apologise to them????

Sir, what angered me the most, was your officers rushing to Woodley Estate so as to teargas mourners from Budalangi who were mourning Hon.Mugabe Were – inside the deceased's home. When questioned later, your officers claimed they thought there were thieves in the compound. Sir, since when do we teargas thieves in this country???

I know the widows also saw you on TV saying you are proud of all that happened - I doubt they will ever forgive you.

Sir, this being an open country, please put me in the know. In the first week of January when live broadcasting had been banned, hundreds of heavily armed GSU officers surrounded the City Mortuary and completely sealed it off. Why were they guarding it?? Was anybody out to steal dead bodies???

Please feed my curiosity - for sure you cant be proud of this one also.

Sir, I could go on and on and on, the police really did a lot, I will spare you the remaining orgy details.

Sir, please put a smile on my face, please tell me that you aren't proud of all this.

You can also do me a favour – please please please grant it. Please demote Kiraithe, alternatively just transfer him, please post him to Kapenguria Police station or the Kacheliba Police Post or even to Ebukhalalire.

Thanks in advance

Yours truly,

Alan E Masakhalia

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