Grand Regency Saga: The Libyan Government Finally Speaks Out

A top Libyan government official finally spoke out about the Grand Regency Saga. In a KTN interview the diplomat stated that the Grand Regency deal was a government to government transaction. Further, "everyone in government knew" about the transaction without clarifying who everyone is. The Libyans paid USD 45 million to secure ownership of the hotel and has subsequently paid the money to Central Bank of Kenya last month.

As pressure mounts on Kibaki to break his silence over the scandal and pressure mounts on Kimunya to resign, it emerged that last Thursday the day that a scheduled cabinet meeting was cancelled, a state house meeting took place between Kibaki and Amos Kimunya, Kalonzo Musyoka, Uhuru Kenyatta, George Saitoti and Mutula Kilonzo.

Lands Minister James Orengo denied Kimunya's allegations that he solicited a Kshs 3 million as bribe to allow the transaction to go through. He is planning to sue Kimunya on defamation charges.

As an aside, Orengo may increasingly get on the spotlight following the Libyan explanation. Orengo had allegedly said that the deal cost Kshs 1.8bn and it turned out to be Kshs 2.95bn. The documents presented by Orengo turned out to be fake. Orengo had also alleged that the hotel was sold to local brokers. It has now turned out that hotel was actually purchased by the Libyans.

Amos Kimunya has his mugumo cross to carry, is it not time that James Orengo also carries his reed cross?

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One Response to Grand Regency Saga: The Libyan Government Finally Speaks Out

MsemaTruth said...

Mr Orengo has now found out that the Kibaki courts he tarnished in January can give him justice?