Tobacco Control Act 2007

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Kenya National Hawkers Association

The Tobacco Control Act 2007, which came into force on 8th July 2008, regulates public smoking and the marketing and sale of tobacco products in Kenya.

This communication seeks to clarify some key provisions of the Act, for the benefit of the general public, retailers and within the hospitality industry.

1. In public places, smoking is allowed only in designated smoking areas
2. Advertising of tobacco products is prohibited in Kenya
3. Retailers are allowed to sell cigarettes only in packets of 10 (ten) and 20 (twenty) cigarettes
4. Cigarettes may not be sold to persons under the age of 18 years
5. On 8th January 2009, the packaging of cigarettes sold in Kenya will change to incorporate larger Health Warnings and other specific markings

Copies of the Tobacco Control Act 2007 may be bought from the Government Press

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One Response to Tobacco Control Act 2007

viola said...

second hand smoke is a health threat. hope that successful implementation will be made.